Member of Parliament Walt? Discuss.

From the Hickey column, Daily Express, Tue 11 Mar 08:

'After the reports of uniformed service personnel being abused by a plankton-like minority, Tory MP Ed Vaizey provided heartening evidence of the esteem in which they are held by everyone else.

As a member of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, the Shadow Culture Minister gets a taste of military life - in his case, on attachment with the Royal Marines- and the chance to don uniform.

He was wearing it when he dropped into a garage in his Oxford Constituency early one morning. "The chap behind the counter gave me a free coffee and newspaper and wished me luck", says Vaizey, adding with commendable candour: "I didn't have the heart to tell him I was actually an MP. He would probably have charged me double"

Outrageous. My flabber is completely gasted.
I hope he declared the coffee and newspaper in the members book of interests.


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Too right!

Edited to add: Service personnel have EARNED that free coffee and the gratitude of the general public, whereas these fcuking MP's have earned the outrage and gasted flabber of the above and thus, the right, nay duty to pay double for said coffee.

It comes as no surprise that he walted it up and took his freebie - walting cnut! :evil:
I thought they all walted as honourable representatives of the electorate?
was he wearing CB95 with badges and beret with bootie capbadge?

If not then he could have been any veg wearing a set of combats from his local army surplus shop, take a look around a building site, half the blokes on it are in combats.
I hate to have to say this, I think the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme actually gets them in green kit and they have a sort of portculis/Westminster coat of arms as a capbadge (and no, it's not the RGH badge of RWxY).
The Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme is a bit of a funny one. MP's get issued a set of CS95s and wear a rank of sorts (a variation on the House Of Commons emblem). I'd be hard pressed to describe them as "walts" in the traditional sense. It's more of a TA Annual Camp for MP's, and it's run by the Defence Academy over the Summer Recess.

It provides MPs with knowledge of the role and functions of the Army, Navy and Air Force. To complete an attachment successfully they have to attend a minimum of 21 days out of an offered programme of 30 days, all within a year.

In this day and age where less and less people have military experience, it's no bad thing for them to get a set of rig on and visit the boys and girls on the ground, rather than the normal staged visits.

Big fat men in uniform? Yes.
Walts? Not really.

Edited to add: Apologies to the TA for the comparison to MP's. No offence intended. :D
Couldn,t some sort of award be announced for walts?. Maybe "The Walter Cross", in three categories, Companion of the Walt, Commander of the Walt, Grand Cross of the Walt.

They could be Gazetted her on ARRSE, copied to the Mail and Telegraph.

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