Member of 7 Coy THREAT! crew wins top industry award

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. The proprietor of a West Riding taxi company with such a keen interestin Military Intelligence that

  2. A south-coast DJ who was formative influence on Norman Cook and confounded his critics by being appo

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  3. A master of the performing and graphic arts, the Original THREAT! artist and master of theatrical di

  4. The Commander of the Sandy Row Special Reconnaissance Group. Photographed at a recent south america

  5. Velvet Jacket, ruffled shirt + bow tie ( nuff said)

  6. A rank outsider that even the pundits had discounted? ( better post your suggestion below)

  1. To wind a luxury bacon sandwich executive lunch with subbsonic please enter the poll and post your answer as a post below the poll.

    Normal terms and conditions apply. Judges decision is final, the competition is not open to any staff in the Peel Building
  2. Very funny Subsonic. No1 gets my vote. Having worked for him for a couple of years, I always thought he was a reservist. Bore a remarkable similarity to Gen Mladic don't you think?
  3. No 3 gets my vote. Also a good egg.
  4. Hmmm, can't be Gravelbelly Senior, I'd know about it. (I think I've still got some early Threats with his name on the back, that I rescued from the bowels of our Training Wing twenty years later). Not that it's much help in ID'ing the winner...

    Ah, hell, I'll go for the artist (not that I know him, it's just that the first few line-art covers were bloody incredible and he deserves an award).
  5. If the "definately not an Ex-Snowdrop" is the same one who was Ops Officer at RIC(NI), he gets my vote.
  6. Did No.3 ever drive a Mini around Bielefeld by any chance? Probably not, I think it had been reincarnated as "The Rat" by then.
  7. Fckn el, Sub. Let us off the hook!
    If it's DK, I can understand it; his penmanship was outstanding, and together with a certain highly imaginative ex-Director made up a brilliant team in that office across the corridor.

    Come on, tell!
  8. Sometimes I just don't know what you're talking about!! :lol:
  9. Aha! Billy! Services to BP's armoury in sweaty climes?
    I name you Mr Whippy and claim my $5.

    (Edit: there's definitely the sound of an 'x' in this. I didn't waste all those years doing the Telegraph crossword for nothing.
    Sh*t. Maybe I did.)
  10. Your crossword skills are still up to speed, Whiskybreath.

    That’s assuming I’m thinking of the right person - we might both be wrong.
  11. The panel of expert judges have cogitated, ruminated and reached a decision. The correct answer was No3 !

    The master of disguise from Cheriton High Street, < 3-4 on the left by the canary> was indeed the winner of the award. The judges did receive one appeal regarding allegations that some contestants had resorted to google searching for their answer.

    I can report that two former members of the Corps met No 3 immediately after the awards ceremony and suitable p155 taking ensued over several libations. Look out for the full story and photos in the next R+L

    The overall winner was 1771 who has already been notified and sent arrangements for collecting his amazing prize!!

    WB: you had better PM me as to who DK was, or has senility overtaken me already?
  12. Blx!.

    I never win nuthin...

    (Goes off in a huff).
  13. Ha! I knew it was him all along so I did. He was the man who introduced me to Dr Feelgood :lol: