Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hellsbrink, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Ok, I did think of putting this in the Intelligence Cell but decided there would be a better, more honest, no nonsense discussion here. So let the games begin.

    We have Zimbabwe still hanging on the brink of total collapse (somehow), the Army in Egypt verbally knocking some heads together and telling the government to get things sorted out within 48 hours OR ELSE, Mandela being kept alive and the potential for SA to turn into the sort of bloodbath that would make the Balkans look like a teddy bears' picnic when they finally pull the plug, assorted countries in the EU starting to say "ENOUGH", discord in the US, Argentina getting more desperate by the day, bog roll shortages in Venezuela, the more "sympathetic" President elected in Iran, etc, etc, etc.

    Which country do you reckon is most likely to go into absolute meltdown first, place yer bets and the winner gets bugger all apart from the ego boost of being right.......

    <Sits back and waits for the inevitable x-rated Father Jack barrage, since some have no ability to show their knowledge of the Queen's English>
  2. Not a country,but probably Windsor.
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  3. They're almost there, once everyone with over &#8364;100k in the bank moves it elsewhere that could trigger a collapse in the banks.

    But with froggies moving over the border to avoid Hollande's taxes, I reckon they'll tick over for a while yet. And the chavs will always need their 'olidays.....
  4. See, the problem is, they aren't Britain and thus aren't blessed.
    They're all Johnny Foreigners, fuck 'em all.
    Especially the Belgians, kiddy fiddling cunts :)


    Zimbabwe - No oil, just another African shithole, who cares?
    Egypt - See Zimbabwe.
    South Africa - No oil, rapidly heading towards being just another African shithole, who cares?
    Europe - Sorry to say it but the ones in the shit would be even deeper in it if they bailed out and couldn't sponge off th ebig boys.
    US - Situation normal.
    South America - Turd world shitholes that speak Spanish. Not African shitholes, who cares?
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  5. Bit late, ain't ya........
  6. Greece.
  7. Belgium. Famous for chocolate and kiddie fiddling. And they only invented the chocolate to get to the kids......
  8. I do apologise. DEVIOUS kiddy fiddling cunts.
  9. Egypt of course. Why? Islam of course...the Muslims in Egypt will get offended at people wanting to oust their elected president and kick off.
    I will say that it is good to see people fighting against Islamic tyrany. The only problem is, the (islamists) will come over to the UK for protection.
  10. They are all going to go! I was assured by a conspiracy bloke last week that the New World Order will cull at least a third of the world's population in the coming years before enslaving all those allowed to live.
  11. Sounds fair to me. I've got a list they can use if they want.
  12. We gave the world chips, therefore buggering up Scottish life expectancy. We have the HQ of the EU, therefore buggering up Europe. We have the HQ of NATO, busy trying to say they'll bugger up everywhere else. And we've shown the English how to exploit their natural tendency to "play doctor".

    And we have one of the greatest motor racing tracks in the world, as well as some of the best beer ever created. And then there's FN.

    It must have you worried, knowing that such a little shit-arse of a country has ya beat on so many levels......