Melissa the TV researcher


Melissa is looking for PTSD material.

Obviously a girl called Melissa who wants to get to know soldiers well......

Sounds Foxy to me - I may have to unburden my tortured soul upon her, only she can help me through this living hell.

The only thing is will she believe I was shot down in my Challenger over Inkerman? I had to shoot my own horse (special op Horse nuff said) to save his pain before breaking out of Alcatraz where I'd been banged up by the Serbs for stealing the Iraqi Nuc programme microfilm (like on "The Spy Who Loved Me).

Obviously I have been badly used by the uncaring and beastly Army where all the Officers are upper class toffs who play polo while their men torture the enemy by making them carry things. Oh yes and everyone is inherently homophobic and racist - and er - violent.

I think we should get on like a house on fire. Your islington flat or mine Melissa?