Mel Smith -dead at 60

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Infiltrator, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Breaking news is that Mel Smith has died.

    Looking for a link now.
  2. Already on wiki. Poor bloke.
  3. Breaking news.

    Old fat unfit bloke dies at 60.
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  4. Funny bloke in his day, sadly felled due to an excessive fondness for pies.

    But then, better to live a life of indulgence and perish early, than to end up sitting in a pool of your own filth in some grotty care home, tended by uninterested sods on minimum wage.
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  5. Indeedy...Feck it off for a skinful and a kebab..
  6. Met him quite a few times at various race courses - he did like a punt - back in the early/mid eighties. Good bloke back then, shame.

    RIP Mel but you were always odds-on to go early.
  7. And?
  8. Wasn't he a big drinker?
  9. There was something else going on other than being overweight. On one of his last appearances on TV in 2008, he appeared to be a mumbling, stumbling, twitching wreck. It was claimed that he was suffering from 'severe pharyngitis'.

    I don't think that he appeared on TV after this.

  10. Well he was certainly big.
  11. Shame, but no surprise.

  12. Oi, get it right numptie! Old fat unfit FUNNY bloke dies at 60.
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