Mel Gibson to make movie about the British role in slavery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Word just in that Mel Gibson has a film in development concerning the British role in the slave trade, the film is set before abolition and focuses on how the British (or people with British accents) organised, financed and profited from the Global trade in slaves.

    The film is being going to be marketed as a 'anti' Amazing Grace as the film about Wilberforce is seen as being 'too white'.

    A 'must see'.
  2. I'm not surprised. Fat chance Mel Gibson would do a movie about the slave trade in Saudi Arabia circa 2007.
  3. Really Lipo shame on you! Slavery is only conducted by White Devils, everywhere else its simply forcing your hospitality and job creation schemes on the unwilling- all perfectly acceptable.
  4. Lipo, you'll doubtless have gauged by now from your very popular "Thank you UK" thread that Blair is despised on ARRSE - Mel "Braveheart" Gibson stands alongside him - the cnut.
  5. They trade in slaves? Damn, I need a new maid, whore (doris is about spent) and lawn crew. The current domestic aquired help is costing me and am looking at reducing my overhead. I got $10K I could get rid of for let's say 2 dozen, plus/minus 3 or 4 during any connections?
  6. On that we definitely agree. He ranks among the most glib and vacuous celebrities like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Rosie O'Donnel, Madonna, and of course, Jacko. There are of course so many more.
  7. How can a man (loose term) go from making second rate (my opinion) films like Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 to "serious" (feck me your a laugh Miss Gibson) "factual" (Your not from this planet Miss Gibson are you?) films on a subject which is bias which ever way you stand.

    You will not see my size 12's crossing any threshold in any cinema where that s!it-head has his film showing.


    ARRSE should have warnings about raising blood pressure LOL
  8. No doubt it will show how the Americans came through against all odds and beat the British.
  9. Fine. Lets do a nice period flick about the American role in the slave trade as a riposte. When did it become illegal in his country again?
  10. In Saudi Arabia, polygamy is legal and women are chattel. Women are treated as slaves.
  11. More than that they even treat their slaves as slaves, check out the IMO stats on Arabs and domestic servant abuse
  12. Why only the British? What about the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch? :shakefist:
  13. I guess because the first three are Catholic Nations thus innocent (this is Mel Gibson) and although he does not mind making films in Mayan ie Apocolyto, making one in both Swahili and Dutch is probably too far for the US distributors.
  14. what are you all worried about

    hollywood making a film about uk/english - come on you know it will be changed to be how the yanks did it better and on their own lol.
  15. Just for the record...

    In the American War of Independence, many black American slaves fought on the British side, because we represented their best chance of being granted freedom.

    During this war, the Americans pioneered the use of asymetric warefare against us, which is very ironic, considering what happened later in Vietnam, and what is currently going on in Iraq. While they were fighting us, they were simultaneously conducting a campaign of genocide against the Indian (Native American) tribes. In the years before, we had actually taken measures to protect the Indians against encroachment from the expanding colonies. This was bitterly resented by the Continentals (Americans to be) at the time.

    And finally, slavery was not abolished in America until (I believe) 1865, which was the end of the American Civil War.

    I am waiting for Mr Gibson to direct and possibly star in a film on some of this in which the principal villain has AN AMERICAN ACCENT!!!

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).