Mel Gibson anti Semitic rants in drink-drive arrest


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Apparently, he went on a rampage against Jews, whom he thinks are responsible “for all the wars in the world.” Gibson also cursed and reportedly said “f****** Jews” and asked the deputy who pulled him over whether he was a Jew. Next he said "You motherf****r. I'm going to f*** you," threatening to flex his celebrity muscles to get back at the officer.

Mel Gibson rants against Jews in drink-drive arrest
John Harlow

The Sunday Times July 30, 2006,,2087-2292336,00.html

The Passion of the Christ - Iranian TV's version. Funny how close it is to Gibson's.

video footage


Iranian TV: Jews stone crucified early Christians
A TV series currently being broadcast on Iranian television features an odious scene of Jews eagerly stoning crucified Christians. Stereotypically evil-looking Jews wearing prayer shawls notice the crucifixions, and bribe the Roman officer to permit them to stone the Christians

Gibson's movie proves big hit in Qatar

"The Passion of the Christ" is close to breaking box office records in tiny gas-rich state of Qatar.

DOHA - Mel Gibson's controversial film "The Passion of the Christ," now in its sixth week of screening here, is close to breaking box office records in Qatar, a movie industry executive said Thursday.

"Some 25,000 people have seen the movie so far, bringing it close to breaking the box office record of 30,000 viewers held by Titanic," Abdul Rahman Mohsen, director of the Qatar Cinema Company, said.

Qatar was the first Gulf Arab state to publicly screen the movie, which has been accused of encouraging anti-Semitism. It has since hit the big screen in some other Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates, where it has broken box office records.

Prominent Qatar-based Egyptian-born Muslim cleric Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi has backed the showing of the movie, albeit only to adults, a stand which Mohsen said had contributed to its success.

Qaradawi has said Gibson's movie exposes "the Jews' crime in sending Jesus to be crucified ... although we (Muslims) believe he was not crucified."

Qaradawi said he was therefore in favor of screening the movie even though Muslims are normally against depicting prophets on screen.
What can we say Mora he's a T****r, Anti Semetic, Anti British, a serious religious bigot. He's also meant to be rubbish at fighting.
Old news mora, he is just one who is more upfront about it in the world. You can boycott his movies if you want, whatever difference that will make.

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