Meindl stockists in the midlands???


I'm looking to get a pair of Meindl desert fox boots for a forthcoming tour, as the issue boots don't give enough ankle support (due to previous injuries) and these boots have been recomended. Ideally i'm looking to try them on for size before i buy, so are theyre any stockists in the midlands???


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Our lads that just came back have said that Miendl aren't very good. Bad for sweat rash (Yes, you will sweat regardless, but some worse than others) and tend to disintergrate after a while.

LOWA Deserts have been highly recommended, and have just bough a pair. Very comfortable, seemed quite good. Plus, I've noticed Miendl in our clothing store being issued for this tour we're about to go on. So hold back the bucks just yet until you get confirmation of what you're being issued.

Royal Anglians apparently got issued Lowa Dessies before they went. :eek:


You will guess from the tone of the e-mail I'm involved with this one. Lets get down to facts:

1. Lowe and Mendl were bought by DC IPT at the same time and issued as a short term measure to solve the problems encountered by some people with the standard boot issued. Soon (maybe now for you) all issued boots for TELIC and HERRICK will be off the shelf. Meindl most likely with some Magnum, the last of the standard boots are just being issued. So... make 100% sure what the QM is getting. He demands on a NSN so until they arrive (or he rings DC IPT Ops) he will not know what will be delivered). You would be a fool to buy if you don't know

2. Anyone who can't get on with the standard boot (if you get issued them) can request through the MO or QM a set of alternatives, likely the Meindl. This is not like the old 'bad feet chit' this is just if you can't get on with the standard boot then say so, explain why and get alternatives. The QMs, Bde log, PJHQ and the NSEs have all been told by ACDL and the IPT cluster leader that that is what is to happen. Cash has been spent to put the problem right. Use the system.

3. The Lowe Desert Seeker is a well made boot (as all Lowe's are) but is very soft on the sole unit. When the Meindl and Lowe were issued together the over whelming evidence was that the Meindl were by far better suited to the type of ops being undertaken, especially on HERRICK. The latest Lowe boot, currently about to be smalled scaled trialled in Cyprus before large scale trails start is a much better boot. I am going out tomorrow to see how all the candidate boots are performing. If you are planning on walking long distances with heavy loads, I'm talking the southern areas of HERRICK here, then stick with the Meindl until the new desert boot comes on line. When this one comes on line you will likely get a choice of boot at the point of issue and a couple of different types so you can match boot to task.

As for the Meindls giving a sweat rash? First I've heard of it but in the conditions being encountered its no wonder that any boot will contribute to a sweat rash. I do regular visits to theatre see soldiers, COs and MOs. No one, I repeat no one, has complained that the Meindl is causing sweat rashes.

Happy to pass on any more advice but as I said I'm away for a week.
used desert fox's on telic stunning boot highly recommend them, the most comfortable boot ive ever used since i got back ive been out tabbing in them they still where stunning.

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