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Hi All,

I'm after a pair of meindl boots and wondered how they compare to lowa combat gtx (size 11, athough shoes are typically between 10-11)



I don't know how they compare to the Lowas but I find Meindels to be quite a narrow fit
I have Lowa Mountain GTX for bimbling around the countryside and someone 'gifted me' a pair of the Meindl desert boots......I wuz chuffed. They are nominally the same size, but wheras I remember that the Lowa gave me very little initial trouble other than the stiffness of the quality leather the Meindl, technically being softer and more plyable gave me feckin blisters and took months of slowtime wear to break them in - but I do like Meindl.

That said: Everyones feet are different you need to try them on and make your own decision. When I get back to the UK I am getting myself a pair of Meindl Burma PRO MFS, I tried some on before I left and regret not buying them on the spot. It was like my feet were having sex with the boots. No, you can't get them here in septicland.
I'm a 10 in Lowa but 10.5 in meindle and they fit my stupid narrow feet much better
I'm a 10 in Lowa but 10.5 in meindle and they fit my stupid narrow feet much better
Agreed. I have narrow feet. My meindle fit very well, though in very hot conditions the lowa's extra width was sometimes better. If I'm walking round the smoke in UK I always pick my meindles

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Strange, I have wide feet, size 9, and my Miendles are a size 9 and fit superbly. They are never off my feet.

I did have Lowa mountain boots, and I found these too narrow.

As always, try before you buy.

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