Mein Kampf

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Lepus, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Last night I was shown a battered old copy of Mein Kampf by a man in my local. Upon looking at it it didnt seem too remarkable, but upon looking at the publishers notes etc it was found to be a translation made in March 1939, with the edition I was looking at being printed in March 1942!!!!

    Has anyone got any idea how such a controversial document could be printed in 1942? After reading the translators note it seems very defensive of Hitler, stating that some of the subjects mentioned in Mein Kampf were "written in the heat of the moment and cannot be applied to his new position as Chancellor."

    The Publisher was Greycaines and the translating person was James Murphy

    Any Ideas....


  2. Where was it published?

    You've got to remember that many people actually admired him at the time (pre-war).

    Mr Murphy was probably one of Mosely's followers.
  3. Let's not forget that hindsight is 20/20
    Adolf had lots of followers in this country, not just Moseley, from those working class to members of royalty.
    At the time he took a bankrupt country,re-instilled national pride and got full employment.It is only after WWII that the true scale of his ,and his followers, depravations came fully to public view.
    He was also one of the first to openly try and counter the Communist threat,first in Spain and then directly in conflict with the USSR.
    No i'm not defending the man,his politics or policies,like i said Hindsight is 20/20
  4. Tis a good read though.
  5. Sorry S2B
    Tis truly one of the worst reads ever, along with Das Kapital and that thing by Chairman Mao
    Yes , I have attempted to read all three for my politics degree.
  6. The Communist Manifesto is also truly dire.
  7. Agree to disagree on Mein Kampf then, matey. Das Kapital is arrse and I haven't read anything by Mao. Might have to look into it though.
  8. I agree its utter sh1t, the ramblings of a one balled knobhead, who thankfullys is very very dead
  9. S2B,
    Wouldn't bother unless you like large tracts of wordy garbage, much is very similar vein and language to Mein Kampf, Jews are the world evil,must be eradicated type of thing.
    Amazing how anti-semitic most central european countries were/are.
    Although Marx was a kraut so i'd guess they both had similar intolerant upbringings.

    Communist manifesto and Das Kapital are different documents Tartan Terrier.
  10. Is this the 2 volume unexpurgated edition?
  11. Yeah, bang on, thats what it says on the inside cover. Two volume unexpurgated.

    Pre-War, yes Hitler had a lot of admirers (Daily Mail man of the year), but my point is how could something like that be put to print in 1942?

    (On the other argument, the book is sh!te. I believe that "turgid" is the correct word)
  12. Is it printed in the UK?

    Know your enemy!
  13. Yeah, that was the point of my original post, that is been printed in the UK by someone called Greycaines publishing in 1942.

    From googling it, it appears to be Greycaines Publishing(Taylor Garnett. & Co. Ltd) Watford, Herts.

    Any ideas?
  14. Ive, not actually read the book, but i have read the biography about Hitler and in it contains referencs that the first edition, before it was published in Germany was crap, so it was mostly "edited" by his cronies to re-write his personal histroy. This has been proven in many documentory programmes on sky which back this up. He change dmany details such as his parents jobs and even huge chunks of his early years as a struggling artist in Austria. So you really cant even belive too much about the book.