Meghan Markle is a pacifist and feminist

Talking about tracks, I see in the news that the rail system has gone to rats shit, new timetables, and a 90% screw up over the whole system,....other news, The Luftwaffe returned last night, parts of east London suffered their worst night..........
Why are they bombing South Africa?
Brown sauce? BROWN SAUCE? It’s HP, ‘mericans use brown sauce.
Nope it's Brown sauce, says so right there on the bottle.
Why are they bombing South Africa?
Not the SA one, The London where half the known world,( and parts of Birmingham )were controlled from, North of Frogistan, and south of Jockland, that London, home of HM Aunt Betty, The southern end of the M1, HMS Belfast, and the worlds biggest indoor lunatic asylum, the houses of parliament, That, London, where the 0 line of longitude was decided, and determines what time you have your dinner, The London that was settled 2000+ years ago by the romans, that controls the finances of all the western world, and beyond, that has a history and traditions that lesser countries would die for, that Shakespeare built the original globe theatre on the bank of Old father Thames, from which we sold the spams London bridge, (Suckers) Home of the worlds famous clock tower, Big Ben, (Presently being converted to digital) where the worlds first underground train system was built. The O2, biggest indoor music venue in the northern hemisphere, and the Mall, the only road in the world tarmacked in red .THAT London.
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Once a month on camp-out-Saturday, it's always this little belter and a brew before the off. Very nice on Spelt Bread too, and if there's room, also an egg banjo. Sod the OP.
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Wow that's a game changer here on Arrse. All the monarchists here on Arrse have two options, drop the monarchy or drop their ideas. Either way it will be fun. I hate feminists myself, they shout to have everything given to women in the name of equal opportunities and don't want equal duties, they want jobs given to women just for being women, they make men screwed by divorce tribunals. Pacifists are also idiotic dreamers who think there can be a world without war and weapons. So monarchists on Arrse this is the Royal family, a pacifist and feminist activist who attends demonstrations against any war and against the supposed 'machismo' of our society.

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