Meghan Markle is a pacifist and feminist

Re. bacon butties:

It's a bacon buttie OK?

That means bread, butter & bacon.

Lobbing any kind of sauce onto bacon is heresy & smoked bacon is a Septic aberration, invented for those not manly enough for the real stuff.

Heck, I even make my own bacon out of pork loin when it's on offer. Beats the commercial crap any day.
Please send method, for those of us who can only buy a 'specky' product - unless we go to the local Brit shop and pay a fortune for a very inferior product.
Buy a good quality pork loin joint - I usually look for one around 1kg or buy a bigger one & halve it.
I then rub this into the joint according to the instructions, place it in a plastic bag in the meat tray of the fridge & give it a good squidge round once a day.
A week seems to be sufficient.
Then I take it out of the bag, give the joint a good wash under the tap with cold water, then wrap in cheesecloth in the fridge, supported on something to let the air circulate for another two days.
After that, I run the joint through my meat slicer & vacuum pack 6 rashers at a time, as one pack does a weekend's worth of breakfasts (3 rashers, 2 large fried eggs, 2 slices of buttered* toast).

*Real butter, not f**king margarine.

The other five days, I get to eat salad...
Brown sauce is pretty much A1 steak sauce, though?
Not really. A1 is thicker than HP. Chef's etc brown sauce and seem to have some tomato paste/puree.stuff in it.

I am not really one for bottled sauces on meat anyway, I never use ketchup. Only time I uses sauce is when I am in the south and have pulled pork BBQ which really calls for a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.
About bacon butties?

Let’s just say I know enough to be confident that anyone putting garlic on one will be taxed at 95% (in the event of a Labour Government) and sent to a re-education camp, possibly in Middlesborogh, come the Glorious Day.

It’s not poncy, pretend-middle-class-I-was-a-retread-gent food. It’s a bacon sandwich.
Quite so. Why drown it in vinegary brown sauce? Drop of Tabasco and a dollop of mayo or aioli does the trick.

Oh, and an egg.
Bacon grill, egg, smoked back, warbies farmhouse, ketchup. That's all. View attachment 335499
I went to the bacon grill factory (work-not a weekend jaunt) a few weeks ago.

I was dreading it. I like bacon grill, especially when camping, and I’d a horrible foreboding about the ingredients.

Was I going to see a lot of pigs’ willies, earlobes, and the bits the pig would be embarrassed to speak to the vet about, all mushed up in a tin?

No. I’m delighted to report it was 100% pork shoulder and other recognisable cuts, bit of seasoning and that’s it. It gets turned in to a sort of pink blancmange.

I almost skipped out except I couldn’t ‘cos I got staff discount for the day and was laden down with enough of the stuff to build a partition wall in the O2 Arena.

I’m sure Tulip won’t object to my posting this.
HP you meant that quintessentially British sauce that's made in the Netherlands ?
You DO NOT talk about that kind of thing in polite company. You heathen.
Are those Cumberland snorkers? they look quite yummy, I prefer caramelised red onion ones myself, grilled and eaten with mash, made with butter and chopped onions, all swimming in a good beef gravy, washed down with a glass of Dr Peppers........There's something called Skylog wittering on something about feminists and some such bloody nonsense, seems a lot of pretentious wibble, still, it takes allsorts.......
Theres always one of those radical vegetarians lurking to hijack any decent bacon sarnie threads
@Lardbeast now I really hate you.

I’m at a pleasant little hotel in Surrey.

I showed your appalling post to the waiter.

He’s Spanish so the implications passed over his head.

The chef -English- came out, looking perturbed, to check if he’d heard right.

I just ate a bacon butty with Tabasco and a spot of aïoli.

It’s really nice. [gritted teeth]thank you Lardbeast I will have it again[/gritted teeth]

Right, I’m going on site now and I’m going to be horrible to everyone.
Theres always one of those radical vegetarians lurking to hijack any decent bacon sarnie threads
Don’t underestimate the number of veggies who would kill for a bacon buttie as long as non of their. Dipshit mates found out about it