MEGELLAN for sale

hi all,

new to the site, served 11 yrs in the army now selling a few items due to them no longer required,

1 x magellan gps 315 £40(see picture)

2 x ford escort mk5/6 boot spolier £15 (see picture)

(the lights are mk 5 ford transit which are also for sale

3 x full set of plce webbing £50(picture unavailable at present)
4 x one pair of Technics 1200 mk2 decks including ortrofon & stanton carts & vestax cd mixer (faulty)
£500 (picture unavailable at present)

please note these prices NOT fixed, however sensible offers will be considered, fed up of timewasters on ebay & other locations so i thought i'd give this a go, any questions please PM me
apoligise people for the wrong picture uploaded however i've asked the mods to correct the advert for me

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