Megans Law????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. In the news today was an article climing that the Home Secretary was studying the possibility of introducing a British version of the American "Megans Law". In brief it is a law that was passed in the USA that gives people, particularly parents, warning of any paedophiles living in their area. It was named after a little girl called Megan who was murdered by a paedophile who lived across the street from her. I personally think that this is a brilliant idea but I hope that it is not used as another launchpad by that motormouth from Liberty Gobsh*te Chakrabati about how pieces of excrement who attack children are having their human rights eroded. Your comments fellow arrsers and arsettes if you please.
  2. It is a good idea, but I think the government has looked at it before and decided it was illegal. I reckon it's the unknown ones that are a more potent danger.
  3. Watching the BBC news just now, there was a woman speaking (some sort of official, I didn't pay enough attention) saying that the majority of paedophiles already know the children before they attack them. By that, they are either family or friends of the family of the child. She complained that John Reid's proposals would do nothing about these people.

    You see, this is why I hate people. I actually had to shout at my television to avoid getting a brain embolism.

    How exactly can the Home Secretary know if you are going to commit a sexual attack on a member of your own family? She said it like he wasn't doing enough about it. But there is nothing that he can bloody do to stop these people. What he can do is name and shame these perverts he does know about, so that the rest of the community at least will be able to keep their children safe from them. At least the man is trying to do something (or at the very least, appearing to).
  4. Here's a link to California state's Megan's Law website, if you're interested in how it works.

    And if anyone wants to try the search function just to see what the results look like, try it with one of my old ZIP codes (postal code): 90025.

    I searched my last area and found 39 registered offenders within a six-block radius of the local kids' recreation center. :evil:
  5. It's a bad idea.

    Some don't actually reoffend. Can you remember what happened when the Scum (or alternative bog quality paper) posted photos of a few paedos? A lot of innocent people were mistakenly targetted and some people who had minor offences were not only put in danger themselves but their families and friends. Their families and friends DO have human rights.

    We'd just see vigilante action that would probably miss the mark by a million miles and it'd go tits up - there have to be better ways than this

    It's yet another kneejerk reaction from a ministry and home secretary that's in deep poo and needs things to distract from their problems by suggesting something that is generally popular as a passing thought but has no real basis and would be harmful if implemented.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I believe it was bandied about when all that hysteria went on a while back,when 'sex' offenders(From Peado's to kerb crawlers) were attacked after the papers,either the Scum or the News of the Screws published photo's.
  7. Totally agree. Let's make the known "unknown ones" known and reduce some of the threat. And change the law to make it legal.
  8. And if the state isnt prepared to protect our children from attack, what choice do people have?

    The paedophiles of this country are plying their evil in the knowledge that if they are caught, their sentence will be light and the sentencing will be biased to protect their human rights.

    Whilst i'm not for a country ruled by vigilantes and gangs of "right dooers", a little does of fear of capture or fear of consequence might do something to disuade the average nonce from straying from fantasy to action.
  9. People are responsible for their own actions Crabby. If a list of names was produced, it in no way condones or calls for vigilante action against those on the list. What it does do Crabby is help parents and carers protect their children.
  10. How is the state not prepared to protect our children???

    To start with look at what you need to work in a school; enhanced check with the criminal records bureau that lists just about everything and clears you for working with children. Same applies to jobs where you will be in contact with children.

    There are relatively few sex offenders who literally go out and grab a child - however obviously these make the headlines even more

    Until recently sex offences with children was hugely taboo, and still is in many ways - how many cases in the past were completely covered up? Was that the fault of previous governments?

    Until you get over the idea of sex offenders prowling the streets for a suitable youngster, wearing a dirty anorak, drooling and grinning, then you'll still see this as a "plague".

    I have no idea on the figures, but it'd be nice if someone could post how many sex offences occur between men and their own children (child abuse), I'm sure the numbers are higher than all other forms of child abuse. Stopping that is incredibly difficult.

    However there are measures in place to pick up on child abuse - teachers have guidelines on how to look for signs of abuse, be it physical, sexual or emotional. With so much time contact with the children it is often the school that picks up on problems.

    Sex offenders DO get sentences. The recent stuff going on about someone getting 6 years because it wasn't murder and he pleaded guilty, said sorry etc is the fault of those reviewing the justice system. What you do NOT want is the politicians having too much say over this board as many people complain about decisions the justice system makes, especially after political pressure.

    This slight independance of the justice system from the political system is healthy as it prevents kneejerk reactions from a frightened government. Labour are running scared and want to be seen to do something.
  11. It doesn't condone it but you can bet the moment it's released you'd see a spate of attacks. Is that helpful to anyone? Fearing repraisals sex offenders go missing, stop checking in with the people that are supposed to be checking up on them. A sex offender that's off the map is far more dangerous than one where you know where he/she is and when.

    What it does is help a whole load of reactionary thugs attack anyone suspected of being a sex offender, anyone who looks like one or anyone who is one. A LOT of innocent people could get hurt - is that worth it for knowing that there's a sex offender in your street?

    People may be responsible for their own actions but the Government has a duty of care to its citizens. The fallout from a sex offenders list would be nothing but harmful
  12. There was a case recently here in the North East where a young girl was taken from her bath, driven around in a car and abused before being abandoned in a snowy back lane. Her parents were in the front room while the intruder walked in and up the stairs. A few basic security steps (locking doors) would help stop this abuse. I've tried to teach my kids to be aware of what's going on around them and what to do if they feel threatened. I just hope it's a step in the right direction.
  13. Thats my point, and never was a point so understated!!!

    Our state does sentence, but not to the expectation of the population. I think our government and judicary have lost touch with how abhorrent child molestation is to the population. Sex offenders are routinely released to re-offend - if our government wont do anything about the situation its a matter of time before the public do.

    Its a matter entirely for the state. You cannot blame a society for over reaction if the state ignors its wishes for long enough - if parents feel their children are threatenend they have a legal right for self defence, and defence of the children they protect (its the same law that protects our service men in their rules of engagement in afghanistan for christs sake).

    I truely believe that a paedophile is beyond rehabilitation. Its a state of self to the person, its the way they were born. The only way to protect our society from them is to remove them from it. If that infringes their human rights and the law, then the law is an ass.
  14. Unless each released offender has a minder, he may as well be off the map. He's hardly going to drag a kid kicking and screaming into the local nick while he's signing the register.

    As has been said, if you know that you'll always be hounded for committing the crime, perhaps you'll think twice about doing it the first time.
  15. Perhaps if they knew that they wouldn't be segregated inside they'd think a little more about it.