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Megalodon dad.

Just been told by my girlfriend that she is pregnant and YES, I am the dad since this is the naafi! Hoofing news and hope you don't mind me sharing it. Unexpected but bloody brilliant, can't stop smiling. If it's a girl she will be called MEG!! If a boy, no bloody idea. Help required please!! :)

Well my surname is Kabbutz and my parents named me after their favourite writer, one of his characters, and me old grandad -

Charles, Oliver and Cecil.

A fine strong name I think you'll find...
Your smiling and happy now........but don't worry, the first 18 years are the worst

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18? So your's is a lightweight then? It never ends, it never feckin' ends.

Congratulations. Oh and here's a few suggestions, no need to thank me.

Kim Jong Un
Lee Roy

Not sure about the last one, not exotic enough.
Gents, made oi larf!! I like crowbags but think Mrs M might have an issue with it! It's definately Meg for a girl as Mrs like myself is a total Meg nut. I can't stop smiling - got beasted to fuck on the mud today but still can't stop smiling!


Book Reviewer
Just been told by my girlfriend that she is pregnant
Few better things happen on this poxy planet. My heart is light for you.

Meg is a Welsh name so you might as well call your daughter Mary Fucking Poppins. She will have an easier time at school with Mary Fucking Poppins and will thank you in later life.

If the frog is a geezer, Shadrack.

No, trust me. It is in the Bible. I did it to one of mine. He went through school called Shad. He is still called that and the little fuck is so cool he scares me. Shadrack.
Jarrod, you suck the joy out of everything yet have to admit i do like your posts! :) No! any girl will be a Meg and not in a Welsh way though I think the Mrs will baulk at her being named Charcharacoles Megalodon (Otonodontacocliae).


Book Reviewer
Has to be Barry, that way you can write his name across your knuckles
More kids. He could call one LOVE and have that tattooed across his knuckles. And call the other one HOTE and have that tattooed across the other knuckles. Because he couldn't spell hate.

Or he could have a finger chopped off then move to Glasgow. And have BARY tattooed across his knuckles.

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