MegaCity UK anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. We don't need the countryside do we? Let's just fcuking tarmac over the whole lot...

    I'm prepared to risk unpopularity over developing the countryside, says David Cameron - Telegraph

    I've got a better way of ensuring we have enough housing and roads... stop breeding like fcuking rabbits.

    It's a very simple concept, the UK has a finite (and growing smaller) area for living on. Keep the population at a level where we can live comfortably in that area.

    If we don't manage this (through simple and economically viable methods) then soon enough we'll have squallid overpopulated dormatories, wher ethe out of work fester and turn to crime.

    We don't have to use the Chinese methods... yet. But it may well come to that.

    243,610 km2. That is all we have.

    Meanwhile our population is going to boom. The curve of increase will get steadily steaper as our population explodes and rises exponentially.


    Famine/mal nutrition, civil disobediance, ill health, poor services and amenities (ie education)... I am sure our 'brave new world' will be fantastic.
  2. Dave and his mates can afford to buy nice big chunks of the countryside to use for their personal recreational purposes, and the likes of him will always have enough to eat in the event of war etc.

    Even in coalition, the Tories seem to be operating like the generals of a triumphant Roman army, giddily looting the place bare.
  3. having the human race smashed back into the stone age will probably in the longterm save the species and the planet.
    the sooner the better maybe?

    bring it on.
  4. Ted Kaczynski had a point. :evil:
  5. Pass the soylent Green.
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  6. You lot seem able to twist anything and everything the government does into some sort of wild conspiracy theory.
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  7. Not a conspiracy at all, just the people at the top saying, **** you Jack, I'm all right.

    Or do you think that this is done out of genuine concern for the wellbeing of the masses? Based on past experience, I'd suggest that that is the 'wild' interpretation.
  8. I notice you say 'The government' not 'this government' do you know something we don't?
  9. Trouble is an awful lot of that population is going to turn into state dependent crumblies in the next few decades, so you actually need more babies that are going to grow up into tax payers to support the grumpy old gits who spunked it all away on debt crazed lifestyles predicated on cheap credit and fast rising house prices, as a result the UK has a unsustainable mountain of private debt that no one likes to talk about.

    Whether these lousers actually get maintained as well as the current batch entering their dotage is open to question, having been****ed over by their grans generation on housing prices younger voters may not feel obliged to look to their elders needs, indeed I can see euthanasia becoming a popular cause.

    Still better than going the way of Italy, they simply don't breed and the place will soon be empty and poor.
  10. I might go there. What are their firearms laws like?
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  11. I thought the last lot already did that?
  12. Easier than the UK I believe, permits required, concealed carry hard to get, lots of illegal guns, still you get to shoot bastard songbirds and you'll just love their Byzantine tax system.
  13. We're not paranoid; the bastards are out to get us.:pissedoff: