Mega Walt Suit.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invade_france, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. wtf???? nice cock clock... as mad as a box of frogs!
  2. Whats the betting he gets all that kit on and then starts busting for a slash.
  3. Just the job for Hearts and Minds work, that.
  4. 'Spec Video'? Is that short for Special?
    Handle-bar mustache is a nice touch. Yeh, I'd trust him AND his suit with my life. :shock:
  5. I thought it was a spoof but it becomes apparent the guy is serious. (Seriously barking if you ask me)
    Here's a video of some of his earlier "Bear suits". Great fun!

    Love his take on the prone position!
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    ha ha ha ha ha ha barking.
  7. Who wouldnt like to take the assault course challange with that bad ass then?
  8. That is pure class, the tears are tripping down my cheeks, I havent seen anything so funny in ages, I am getting on of those for when i come in pissed at four or five in the morning. All i have to do is ''bear spray'' the wife. Brilliant.
  9. Having watched the video, I think that the head sheds will come to the conclusion that medication and the passage of time will make him feel better :shakefist:

    Mad as a bag of ferrets :thumright:


  10. haha yeah f*cking too true!

    "salaam ali kuum...oh sorry could you wipe down my solar panel my air con has switched off. thanks "

    that bear suit vid is brilliant! especially love running him over with a car.
  11. Did you notice how his throat was exposed . . . I've got a good idea . . .
  12. It was a motocross helmet ffs!

    I'm sure the guy is in earnest and some of the concepts are good enough (if not exactly original) but he honestly seems to think its real. The blue LEDs on the helmet got me. Oh and the two pistols. Oh and the ninja posing.. I'm going to have to watch it again!
  13. Some of the quotes on the Youtube sight are worth reading. I liked this one:

    "im really not tring to be funny because i have great respet for this man and i simply adore his armour but one defect that i realized was, how is a soldier going to use a restroom comfortly?"


    "But I can say what I would have done... I wouldn't have put the clock at the crotch.. good idea to look down there yeah right... I would have placed it on the arm instead... right or left..."
  14. guy started out making suits of armour so he could go and annoy grizzly bears loon
    possibility he has learned something about armour design or had his few remaining brain cells damaged
    not sure he should be classed as a walt anyone bonkers enough to strap on a home made suit of armour and try and pet grizzlybears and then try it again isn't really a walt a total nutter yes