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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pluvia_Plumbum, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Driving on my commute to work this morning on the M6 near Warrington.
    Great To see a number of Supermarket Truckers sporting the largest poppys I've seen to date on their Rig , Well done to the Sainsbury and Asda Drivers anyway :dance: Didn't spot Tesco trucks sporting anything, Policy perhaps? :oops:

    Must be plenty of ex loggies in retail distribution :thumright:
  2. saw that in Edinburgh to on an ASDA truck. As an ex loggie RCT I say well done ASDA
  3. Don't know if it's the drivers themselves getting them or the shops giving a large donation to have them big poppies. I wouldn't mind having one for my wagon but I guess I'll just have to do with the regular size car one.

    It is good to see the big shops sticking up for Rememberence Day, not a profit thing for them, a sign of goodwill.

    Also, the four guys from Deepcut who were selling poppies at Clackett Lane services today. Did the Corps proud, show some of the people out there that young kids can appreciate what the poppie stands for.
  4. which ever of the companies who support the RBL well done, those who don't need to take a look in the mirror.
  5. It shouldn't be about sticking up for Rememberence Day, it should just be about remembering.

    And Yesh, nice one to the four guys, but i would be extremely surprised if they did it off their own bet (cynical i know). I would be more impressed to see an Officer or SNCO out there.

    My last Troop used to do a collection around Derby and we all genuinely wnated to do it.
  6. There was a full screw with them who looked happy to be there.

    You're probably right about the shops, I would be interested to see if any of them shut down their tills for the two minutes.
  7. Morrison's did last year, making an announcement over the tannoy 5 minutes beforehand that Staff would be observing a two minute silence and invited customers to join them. Some didn't at first till trolleys were parked sideways that is......

    More important this year as Armistice Day falls on Remembrance Sunday.
  8. For some reason I've always had the impression that Morrisons is the type of shop that would observe the silence. It's the big ones like Asda and Tescos that I would be interested in seeing
  9. Morrisons/Safeways is the forth largest supermarket chain after Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's, and they do not take any siht from their ethnic staff either on things like shelf stacking booze etc. In Bradford they ensure the supervisors are from the same backgrounds as their staff!
  10. [quote="dingerr I would be more impressed to see an Officer or SNCO out there.[/quote]

    The Officer was on the other side and his Pl Sgt was at Fleet Services with another Section. Sadly even Officers and SNCOs can only be in one place at the same time.