Mega mongo compo faces

The joys of what happens when you don't line the wet room area with a membrane to prevent water leakage through and into the plasterboard and wooden flooring. I bet they only used normal plasterboard too and not wet area board, or cement board.

As this is the NAAFI: Of course it would help if body parts did not extend over the sides of the shower area thus preventing water run off and drips.
I'm presuming his girlfriend son and himself are all in receipt of some money due to their reduced circumstances. I also note this bit:

Mr Smith lives in his east Hull home with his girlfriend, who is also his carer but suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. His 24-year-old son also lives with the couple, and he suffers with autism and ADHD

She's had to move back to family in Ipswich as the situation is so bad but who's looking after her other half and if she was getting paid for her efforts is the cash stopped when, geographically, she can't be his carer?

As for doing nothing for yourself, years ago in an East London Borough people would wait for the pest control to come round. The idea of keeping a flat clean enough to deter infestations or buying a can of fly spray was alien to them.

Top tip:

If you see Cockroaches running about in the daytime, it's because all the hiding places are rammed.

Disgusting, dirty things. At least they work for a living though.
Do I hear the sound of a banjo playing?
With those sausage fingers? Doubt it. Plus the son's got autism and ADHD, so fat chance he'd sit in one place long enough to learn a chord.

They might have it as a ringtone, I grant you.
I note the squaddy panther on the right arm of our hero. I wonder if he went to Leconfield on a trade course and never made it out alive?

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