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Good morning, everyone.

I am posting this thread to get the opinions and thoughts from either serving or former officers regarding the fitness standards required to obtain the position. This applies to both the mental fitness, alongside physical.

I have recently put in the application, based on the fact, according to educational criteria, that I am eligible. The roles I am most interested in are those revolving around the Intelligence Corps. Now the application has been made I am just awaiting the review. However, I do have some concerns regarding my weight, a ruptured disc in my back, and, ready your bingo card, historical occurrences of anxiety. I understand it may be a fools game applying for such a position given the circumstances, but it is something I am committed to seeing through. I would be interested in hearing from those in a position to comment, what my chances are of being accepted by the Army, given the three issues mentioned.

With regards to my weight, at one point in time I weighed a whopping 27st. I am 6'2ft. After a ridiculous amount of dieting and exercise I have lost a lot of weight, I now weigh 19st. My weight loss is still a work in progress and I routinely run for 30 minutes, lift weights, and do push-ups, daily. Despite the fact I am still what you would call, 'a fat bastard', I'd argue that I am relatively fit and cope pretty well with intense anaerobic/aerobic exercise.

Following on from that, around 1 year ago I was involved in an incident that resulted in me rupturing the L-5 disc in my spine. At the time I was in sheer agony due to it and had to be put on high strength painkillers. I was also very close to having surgery, but in the end, both I and the consultant decided it would be best to leave off surgery. Since then the pain has subsided and only occasionally does it cause, mild, discomfort. However, I still do take prescription paracetamol for it. I have found that the weight loss and daily exercise have substantially improved the condition.

The final thing I would like some feedback on is my previous issues with anxiety. Many years ago, when I was about 16, I was given, unbeknownst to me, a very strong hallucinogenic drug. As a result of this I had a rather traumatic experience that left me dealing with anxiety issues for a couple years. At the time I did seek treatment but in the end, using my initiative, I purchased a very good program and managed to overcome this issue on my own terms. I haven't had any further issues with it since.

With those three issues in mind, the weight, the disc rupture, and the historic anxiety, what are the chances of me being accepted by the Army in order to train to become a officer?

Cheers, everyone.

Dr Death

War Hero
Their is a medical thread you should ask in.
But only the ACFO can give a definitive answer to the questions you have.
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