Meeting on Tues 15 Jun 04

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Acid_Tin, Jun 4, 2004.

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    [Source: Diversity Work Life Balance Team]

    'Diversity Work Life Balance Team'??? Is this the beginning of the end for the MOD?

    Is this why we can't afford CBA, uniforms, tanks, etc etc :D
  2. I wonder what would happen if a few squaddies turned up to ask why it is that the MoD can't afford aforementioned kit to keep then alive and/or safe in operational areas, yet the CEO of Stonewall can be hired to speak in a hotel at significant cost to the taxpayer, money that could be better spent on much needed equipment.

    Still, it is a labour government.......
  3. Is this an alternative to the war-style event hosted by Iraq for the heterosexual community within the MoD, facilitated by Geoffrey Hoon of the Bean-counters Life Death Balance Team?
  4. It may well be the beginning of the end. The real end is not when it's legalised, it's when it becomes compulsory!
  5. Slopes, I take it you got that as an email? Were you on the mailing list??

    Serious note. Why the fcuk do we allow abnormalities in society to appear as normal?

    Why dont they keep their sordid little private lives to exactly that, private. T*ats!
  6. The Lesbian Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Community within MOD have put out an apology for the incorrect spelling of the name of the Chief Executive of Stonewall in the above email - It should have read Mr Sen Bummerskill. :D
  7. FCUKING kill 'em all , thats what I say - FCUK all this PC crap - the world would be a better place without 'em. (get off that fence will you)
  8. How does one attend/infiltrate? I am imagining Aunty, MDN and Baddass visiting to explain their point of view/creatively wield baseball bats and the results on News at Ten/Bow St Magistrates. :D Maybe even that wan kerr GQ could turn up and explain how it's all down to the aliens and a lack of tinfoil gamma-ray anti-lizard people protective hats.
  9. Holy sh*t, I think the end is in sight. I cannot believe that this is genuine!
    I am a great supporter of individual freedoms, however when it comes to members of a disciplined organisation such as the armed forces, it should be understood that individuals [when they enlist] have to sacrifice some of their personal preferences for the greater good.
    Perhaps it is an effect of age, but my mind boggles at the prospect of MOD approval for a bi-sexual, cross-dressing Drill Sergeant!!!!
    Please let this be wind up!
  10. It's not even funny.

    The fudge packers are taking over the asylum.
  11. It is PC at max power :lol:
  12. Unfortunately, this is entirely true.

    I have no issue with these people and their private lives - this isn't the Dark Ages after all.

    I do have a massive problem with highlighting their differences as though they are higher order creatures who are especially deserving of all this kind of nonsense.

    I suppose that if I wanted to run a 'White Heterosexual Workshop' I would attract corporate sponsorship from the MoD as well? Have you ever noticed (while on this subject) that there aren't any MOWO awards (to run alongside MOBO)?

    By holding events like this, aren't these people merely highlighting such differences themselves? Isn't that at the core of 'discrimination'??

  13. This workshop (so called because it will be full of tools?) on the 15th sounds like a departure from the well intentioned Equality & Diversity training, one that will make even those who are ‘moving with the times’ feel that poofs are looking for and getting special treatment. Or the MoD are bending over backwards (!) to be right-on. Either way, bad move.
  14. I must confess I am getting a little fed up with all this diversity stuff.

    I have always refused to fill in the ethnicity monitoring paperwork because I believe it matters not one jot what ethnic background I am only that I am British.
    I believe all groups should be self sponsoring and that there should be no support for any particular ethnic or religeous grouping (the one exception is Padres who have their uses and are or should be recruited in proportion to the declared number of their particular adherents)

    All other groups should be strongly discouraged.

    I feel much more strongly than this really but I still want a job!

    I remember being spoken to (in a group I might add) by that little shit Tatchell sp? who was caught out in a lie in the first question he was asked and went downhill from that moment onwards. He was being given the opportunity to put his views forward by MOD and talked utter bollocks and whined when he was taken to task.


    It really grips by sh*t

  15. Perhaps we could bundle all these bum-chums together, send them where the baddies are - and let them sh*g the baddies to death?