Meet this RLC felix punter.

what a looker 8O :wink: 8O :wink:

bomb disposal or SLONG disposal :? :? :? :?
Its wrong the Armed forces are paying for this.
I have no problem with anyone who needs Gender re assignment but if you want it pay for it yourself simply really.
However it doesnt say if the soldier is paying any thing him/herself lets wait and see if the NOTW has got its facts straight first before going off the deep end about wasting money
As usual you can see the accuracy of the article, so all of it must be true. Apparently he/she's based in 'Colchester Barracks', correct me if im wrong but there isnt a barracks of that name in Colly. Secondly, he/she is wearing the 'Green Jackets Uniform', hmm, looks a lot like CS95 with RLC TRF and EOD Specialisation to me!!! And why the title 'Armour Laydee', its got nowt to do with Armour.
Right enough of the nitpicking.
Most of 68 Sqn WRAC in Rheindahlen looked like that in the early 70's.
If you want to be excused hair cuts you see your MO & get a sick chit, not your knob taken off.

Sad that with everything else thats going on, cuts etc we can still find cash for PC projects like this!!!
2404Motorman said:
rebel_with_a_cause said:
Most of 68 Sqn WRAC in Rheindahlen looked like that in the early 70's.

That is horribly true! :oops:

I'll have to go for a shower and clean my teeth obsessively now =(

(can you have sexual PTSD? :? )
Yes but as a hetro-sexual male you can't claim for it.
I told you was the best name for the new worldwide site.

Each to their own and all that PC stuff...but
a)who hands these stories to the gutter press
b)no the Army shouln't be paying
c)will you be appearing in Soldier Magazine any time soon as the Centrefold?
Ford_Prefect said:
Yeah, because £30,000 would go along way to fixing all the problems within the British Armed Forces!
I agree its a drop in the Ocean, however lots of naff PC projects like this & the drops becomes a waterfall.

He/she/it should be discharged on psyc grounds & have the op on the NHS.
I think he is doing it cos he needs the extra time for his PFT.
He (and I use that term advisedly) needs psychiatric help, not his c*ck chopped off. He was born a man, he may have 'gender dysphoria', but that is just unlucky - get used to it. And no, the MOD should not be paying for it, nor should the NHS.
Dont know how true the story is but not at the main RLC unit in Colchester as it is 13 Air Assault SP Regt aqnd would be wearing a black and red DZ, however could be attached to another unit or just posted in. The only barracks would be Roman Bks if at that unit, Goojerat or the new Bks is Merville bks so again not good research by the Nobber.

By the end of the day each to there own if he/she wants to do it so be it, the only board of contention would be the fact that it is being paid for out of our budget, but how true is that :?

This is the fcuking media at its scummiest again and should be treated as harrassment/stalking
On Friday we captured the soldier — who has served for 23 years—returning to his home dressed as Deborah.

I wonder what they would be like with us setting OP's up outside there houses and CAPTURING them. CNUTS

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