Meet the Ninja of Norwich

Tosser...hang on what was that sound...who's there...///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
He's gonna catch pneumonia standing under cold waterfalls for all that time. He'll be creeping around all deadly silent like then won't he!

What was that sound? I'm sure I heard heavy breathing, a racking cough and the gentle drip=drip of wet gi!


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Is that the Police, I'd like to report some nutter running around my garden in his pyjamas,
Genius...pure genius....

"he can creep up quietly and touch a deer - although he admits he used to do the same with foxes until one bit him.


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Seen and done worse. But I wouldn't describe them as lookers either. It's the difference between women I would have sex with and women I'd like to have sex with
Hello police? I see a man in the street with a sword could you be good sports and come and shoot him for me?

You can!

OOhh ta very much
If that's your definition of a looker then you have very low standards
Moreover if you cannot think what she must look like in profile, then you also have zero imagination!

Here let me give you a hand...

That is NOT the way to do it!
hopefully fellow ninjas will deal with him tool.
did a bit of ninjitsu did'nt really get into it though none of the people who went were anywhere as mad as this bloke.
The video at the bottom of the link is priceless.
Showing him sneaking up on a some big-ish cat like thing (do I look like a vet?), although they are never on screen at the same time.
And I must say his roly-polies are very good.

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