Meet the new Lara Croft

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Espionage, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'm sure the lads from Hereford would love to meet her. :wink:
  2. Hereford counts as being in Eastern Europe now?

    Bloody European Union!

    (by the way... I would.)
  3. I like her. She could kick fcuk out of me anytime she wanted :twisted:
  4. ''SAS survival'' might be seprate from the semi automatic weapon firing course in Eastern Europe.
  5. Better than Angilina Jolie. is she the new film star or the Xth lara croft that eidos have rolled out to try and sell games?
  6. where are her marigolds for doing the washing up? Why two pistols? Why not one and a hand vacuum cleaner. Definitely not a proper woman...
  8. its the fake toff accents in the films (and the fact that the films were Sh!te) thats put me off her
  9. You are missing the point mate. There are only a handful of female celebs who look and act like filth. Look in her eyes, reach into her soul, she bangs like a belt fed WOMBAT. :D

    Am I shouting?
  11. is she available in the naked variety as well
  12. You know whats the worst thing about this?

    Some git is sitting there with a big grin on his face thinking. "Heh, I'm shagging that."

    Granted he's never ever, ever going to get another pint brought for him, but hey ho.