Meet the air-conditioned Marines at camp-do-nothing in Afgan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Doh! Well,I'm at work & on lunch so not much time to peruse the forums....
  3. I read the article and all I can say is good luck to them, glad too see they have decent accom/food/facilities. They may be out fighting for their lives before too long.
  4. Seconded, I hope they are bored shitless 'til they come home.
  5. Will the daily Mail be patrolling with them any time in the future????
  6. Thirded, Keep safe lads
  7. I just can't believe how low this sh!t excuse for a newspaper will stoop. I quote:

    "When I asked one officer to explain why we had thousands of troops sitting around at taxpayers' expense, he said wearily: "You have to understand that we did not come here to wage war against the Taliban.
    We are here to provide safety to the Afghan people and to allow development and restructuring. "

    What the fcuk does the mong from the Mail want him to do? Get them to do fcuking star jumps? No wonder he replied "wearily", I'm surprised he didn't kill him with his Fairburn-Sykes.

    On the other point, I am absolutely sure that the young Royals who want a fight will have more than enough by the end of their tour, but if not, excellent. Remeber: "volunteer for nothing".
  8. I think the article should have read 'we hoped to find poorly equipped troops....'

    Are they disappointed that the Marines have proper kit and food?

    <shakes head in disgust>
  9. well it doesn't make a good story does it. The battle for now has moved out of the UK AOR for now, so tough titties journos
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What made me chuckle was the story was about the Marine's but one of the photo's they posted was of a RAF Police dog handler...
    But,keep your nappers down lads & come home safe!
  11. I spent some time with the Royals in Kabul where they were working fcuking hard, patrolling areas where suicide bombings were not infrequent and where they had to carefully manage intelligence assets to be alert to what the nasties were up to.

    They did all of this in the broiling heat, carrying tons of kit, all the while managing to keep up a good relationship with the locals.

    The collective of hacks drinking cold Heinekens by the pool (oh yes) owed their safety entirely to the Royal Marines Commandos and the Siggies and all the other troops who should not have to put up with the ignorance, greed and ingratitude of some British 'journalists'.

    Read the Daily Mail piece and was disgusted by it.

    End of rant.
  12. As a spokesman for HM Armed forces I would like to formally appologise to the Mail on Sunday and especially to Caroline Graham for the Marines, Sailors and Soldiers of 3 Cdo Bde not living up to their expectations and wasting their precious time and money visiting Camp Bastion.

    With a little prior notice perhaps the said troops can stage manage a contact in which several Royals can be seen to be closing with and engaging a group of Taliban, in which they will be able to see some of our troops/taliban die in a loud and grotesque military manner whilst suffering from extreme dehydration, hunger, scurvy, disentry and a distinct lack of 7.62, .50 and 81mm.

    Perhaps then Ms Graham and her colleagues may appreciate exactly what hardships our troops have to suffer in order to be allowed such luxuries as air conditioning and 3 meals a day that they all take for granted in their little worlds.

    Perhaps if they wanted to get a real taste of what it is all about why not join the Army/Marines and then report on it afterwards, perhaps their point of view may not be so damning.

    I for one have bought my last Daily Mail!
  13. you actually used to buy it?