Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. auxie

    auxie War Hero

    Cant see many of the back row of this bunch completing the spean bridge commando speed march in a respectable time.
  2. ita-al

    ita-al Old-Salt

    Not Blond enough, pretty enough, or clothed enough to be real Commandos. Mind you their Company Commander seems to be absent, so maybe they are authentic after all. :twisted:
  3. Why do people always feel the need to re-enact units with a "special" nature, as opposed to simply a Royal Engineers or a Royal Signals unit.

    It wouldn't look so walty then.
  4. ita-al

    ita-al Old-Salt

    :? More likely to score? Mind you there could be some action in re-enacting the great AGC move from York to Glasgow.
  5. Plankcore

    Plankcore Clanker

    The fella second to the left on the bottom has a head very disproportionate to his massive chest!
  6. ita-al

    ita-al Old-Salt

    Bottom row third from left.
    Dagger in puttee!
  7. 8O

    "If you have a window that needs licking, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the 4 Commando Team!"

    Some very 'interestingly' shaped berets - cow pats and omlettes on heads! 8O
  8. ita-al

    ita-al Old-Salt

    I've just been hypnotised by Mr Blue Steel, top row, second left.
  9. Anon1

    Anon1 Clanker

    Be fair...if one of them fell out of a plane they'd cause considerable damage, especially that potentially large blob of jam top row second left in.
  10. Just look at the gallery... gay or what ?

  11. Ah i suppose it brings a little bit of sunshine in there otherwise dull and
    uninteresting lives...Bless em!
  12. RABC


    Watch out for the Scum exclusive on this "crack unit"
  13. or what, you have me in need of stitches you old bugger lol..... they are a touch close, who is leading lol :))
  14. Typical shite re-enactor walts. Who dressed the SCNCO? Should be shot.


  15. A starter for ten? Who am I?