Meet Miss Egypt, Fawzia Mohamed

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stoke, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Marks out of ten?
    Id give her one :D
  2. Miss England is rough.
    but egypt - thats worth a squirt.
  3. desperately thinking of an acient egypt type pun, but know joy
  4. Tut tut its not that hard!
  5. Its worth humping.
  6. Shes top of the pyramid?????

  7. I dont like her.
    I think Im in denial.

    (get me!)
  8. I like her outfit too.

    Any more pics?
  9. Id give her a fair old time.
    fair old - get it!
  10. I wonder if she takes it up the SPHINXster... :lol:

    Or is she a Mummies girl... :lol:

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  11. Is she wearing knickers, I can see the distinct outline of a furry cup
  12. same here.
  13. I wonder if she would let me excavate her irrigation channel. :lol:
  14. Are there any shots of the camel toe............?