Meet Miss Egypt, Fawzia Mohamed

I like her outfit too.

Any more pics?
suits_U said:
desperately thinking of an acient egypt type pun, but know joy
I wonder if she takes it up the SPHINXster... :lol:

Or is she a Mummies girl... :lol:


I wonder if she would let me excavate her irrigation channel. :lol:
She totally anNILEhilates the competition.
There are a lot of very very attractive Arab girls in the world....

however the raving loons that are their fathers, brothers etc do not take kindly to one perving at their daughters/sisters etc.
The story has not broke into the news yet, but I have an overseas informer who 'discovered' that Miss Egypt is actually a 'Mr'......i'm sure it'll be in the tabloids sooner or later.
After the show she made a quick exodus. :D

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