Meet Me at Hot or Not!!

Is this

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oh my god, shes one of mine!!
Oh dearie me, I seriously hope that "Henry" is a wind up by one of his mates (or enemies). It might just be my computer but there appears to be a distinct lack of light blue leg spreaders on his chest. Anyone at Wallop care to check the students photo board ?
Sorry , is he an Army Officer or a UAS 'Future steely-eyed Killer' ? :censored:
Bossdog, Im not going to ask why you were looking for those but they all look like the cast from Village of the Damned.

WTF is going on with second and third one downs foreheads???? Looks like a Tefal advert.

A collection of labboon holding window lickers that compares to the population of Andover, Stowmarket and Imber.

If they are wind ups then fair one but if not, wtf??? Why do people do it? Have they not heard of arrse and the flak they will get as a result?
The Lord Flasheart said:
Bossdog, Im not going to ask why you were looking for those
Quickstop started me with his first post, so i decided to do a search for the keyword "British Army" and voila....!!!
Rich is rich in name but not in intelligence.
The Signals guy's chosen keywords are:

"british army, drinking, meeting new people, military, porn, snowboarding and whisky"


Let's hope not all at once...

Mandi wants to meet interstin people.

I'm really glad I'm not interstin.
Mandi would be the choice of the bunch, though, despite her abysmal spelling abilities. She's cute in a 'hide the pet rabbit' way
Having checked with the crew room at a certain fixed wing RAF training establishment I have established that this is a legit advert...In as much as it can be I suppose.

He put it up himself. The course behind confirmed this for me this afternoon. I have a name as well but will not post it here for obvious reasons.

If you find him attractive girls and boys, I suggest following the links? ;-)

heh heh.
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