Meet Me at Hot or Not!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by quickstop, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Good form

  2. A massive waaaaah

  1. They had them when I wuz in too.
  2. I have those glasses!

    I'll get my coat.
  3. Why an army occifer when he has an AF crest on his arm...... errrrrrr walt
  4. not a walt...I know who he is!!
  5. I'll be nice seen as you are doing the Combat Stress run :)

    All the AAC ones look like that as well old boy :) :)
  6. There used to be only two reasons to wear a flying suit.

    One was to hit a German disco.

    I can't remember the other one.
  7. Well it was'nt for flying because Mr Canterbury put a stop to that in the late eighties I believe.
  8. When combined with the Top Gun RayBan's (we are talking early 90's here), to swan around airshows and get groupies telephone numbers.

    Allegedly they were sometimes used for something else, but I can't recall what.
  9. I thought it went quiet all of a sudden.

    Remember hitting a disco out in the sticks near the Dummer See and there were more flying suits there than we had aircrew at Minden.

    Wasn't too sure about the one dyed pink though.
  10. Probably most of 654 and 669 from Deters.....
  11. My 7" pulls more bints than a flying suit ever did.
  12. Wow! You mean that vinyl really does that? .......................... I'm sure I've got some old singles around here somewhere.....
  13. Just after gazelle came into service I did what was called a "local observers course" (we only had one Wallop trained Observer, Mick Gas....) and got to wear flying babygrows for the course. Half way through a naxex we got diverted to fly out a poor grunt who'd drowned on a river crossing. After consulting the instruction book to we managed to remove the left stick and tilt the seat. Another ten minutes and we had the departed with his head in the storage space and his feet in the cab. That didn't seem quite right so after another 10 minutes we got him turned round. At that point a gentleman from the RMP announced that he had to go with the body. That left me on the ground waving goodbye and scrounging a lift off the polizei to the nearest station. Hours later I got back to Minden and was legging it back towards St Georges when the OC came crusing by in his car. With a scowl he passed on leaving me to catch a bus to Kingsley where the duty driver eventually turned up having finished his tea. Next morning Kipper H....y, the SSM, invited me in to his office and kindly dished out 3 extras for wearing flying kit off camp and 3 more for not wearing a beret and thus not saluting the OC when he drove by.
  14. 3uniforms, some days you cant piss a drop, huh?