Meet Lord Taylor of Warwick

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. There he is. Splendid chap. Even has a Diary section: "My Week".

    Mind you, needs a bit of updating:

    Lord Taylor of Warwick claims £70k for home that does not exist

    "Lord Taylor of Warwick claimed he lived with his sick mother in the Midlands until 2007, allowing him to claim overnight expenses while attending the House of Lords.

    However, inquiries by The Sunday Times have established that his mother’s home was sold in 2001 and she died in the same year. "

    Five letter word. Starts wth "F" and ends with "d"
  2. And, with a bit of luck, that will be followed by a six letter word, also starting in F and ending in D
  3. From his website.
    "In the wake of the worst recession for over 100 years, it seems a logical necessity to bail out indebted banks in order to prevent financial chaos. After all, the UK has always been able to rely on complex fiscal and monetary policies to stabilise its debt.
    However, are we not forgetting that the government is also constrained by the straight jacket, that is, money?"

    Well you certainly never forgot about the money, you thieving barsteward
  4. He is nothing but a grubby little thief.
    He should be thrown into prison where he belongs.
  5. His quote for the day is aposite:

    Motivational Quote of the Day

    (Aug 3, 2009)

    To sit alone with my conscience will be judgment enough for me.

    --Charles William Stubbs
  6. And him being a born again Christian as well. Must be the work of the Devil then.

    Does anybody know why this bloke even got a Peerage in the first place :?
  7. He should be dragged before the beak, and when found guilty, he should be put in stocks so we can throw molotov cocktails at him.

    Grubby little fucker.

    Hey, I got a safe seat, so fuck you!

  8. It also states it on his website!

  9. As far as I can remember, he was a barrister and was the Conservative candidate for Cheltenham- unfortunately, it seems that Cheltenham wasn't ready for a black MP and either he wasn't selected or he lost an incredibly safe Tory seat- can't remember which.

    His father was a famous cricketer (Warwickshire springs to mind) and maybe through that there was a connection with cricket fan amd PM John Major.

    Anyway, Major was so annoyed at Taylor's defeat, that in order to spite the Tory voters of Cheltenham , he gave Taylor a peerage in, I believe, his resignation honours.
  10. Probably be white-washed over as some type of Administrative error

    The fucking error being he got caught
  11. Yet another bent one bites the dust!! :evil:
  12. Careful - you'll have the PC Bde all over you ike a bad rash.
  13. Another lying, corrupt piece of sh*t, may he and those like him get cancer.
  14. He was the candidate, but the problem was that his selection was marked by massive in-fighting in the Cheltenham tories.

    One of the local Tories (I think he was a member of the constituency committee) distinguished himself with an outburst reported here in the NYT - look out the occurances of the name 'Bill Galbraith' in the article and be...errr... astonished at how he could claim 'I'm not a racist, but...' with such a straight face.

    The Lib Dems picked Nigel Jones and there was some controversy about how he was portrayed as the 'local' candidate - but IIRC, most of the 'vote for him he's a local' [local being used as an alternative to 'white'] stuff was coming from disaffected Tories who'd either been kicked out of the local party or who'd resigned in sympathy with Galbraith after Major had booted him out. The disaffected Tories cheered when Taylor lost - expecting that Jones would be a one term MP and that they would get their (caucasian) candidate back into the seat in 1997... Ooops.

    IIRC, Galbraith was prosecuted, and died a short while afterwards, with his family blaming the 'distress' all the fuss had caused him.
  15. You're right. :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I should have said it'll get pushed back into the closet and swept under the rug (Muncher).

    No No! I can't say that either.

    How about; he'll be honest and upfront and stump up the cash he was paid.

    That doesn't sound right too


    He a fucking blagging tory scumbag who fraudanly claimed money that is tantamount to stealing?