Hope this Paedo goes into General population and is not segregated, looks like an inbred retard, suprised he could operate a computer in the first place. Hope they jail the mother as well.
snozzer said:
20 weeks, somebody first parade the bus I think we might need it?
I think you're right. 20 weeks means seven or eight spent in jail.
the little prick has been in remand for about 20 odd weeks. Does this mean he won't go into nick? How much does a 5.56 cost these days?
BPS666 said:
the little prick has been in remand for about 20 odd weeks. Does this mean he won't go into nick?
Good point. I correct my previous post. Time spent in jail = nil.

Is he still on remand for the fraud/kidnapping plot hatched by him and his girlfriend?
Yep, straight out, this from Chimera's BBC link...

"He was convicted on 11 counts and jailed for 20 weeks, but freed because of time already spent on remand. "

Now it's half past midnight here in Oz & I'm staying up late as I have a day off tomorrow, but let me tell you, I am bloody outraged by this!

I think the bus needs to be replaced by an intercontinental jetliner :x
'Lolita' search

Police experts said the computer contained 653 references to "Lolita" - a term commonly used by people interested in searching for child pornography.
Really? Damn. My old internet records could have got my father in serious trouble, because when I was a teen that word was the best way to find girls who looked something like my own age!

He may have gotten off now, but it's only a matter of time before the fuckwit re-offends.
RABC's right, who the **** would give him a job now?!
Actually he's probably coming to a NAAFI near you....
I'm sure the local community will give him a "warm" welcome home.

Once they've consumed the standard 3x2 litre bottles of super strength cider.
Released, to go play another game of hide and seek with some unsuspecting child!
Fcuking mong, whats becoming of the Justice system? The chav scumbag should have his spunk deflectors smashed and be sent into a playground full of axe wielding kids who have been told to swipe away, bet he wouldnt re-offend then!
The guy had 134 pictures of kids in peodophille approved stances. 10 of which (IIRC) were graded at the very top of the 5 point scale of depravity.

How on earth does this correlate with him walking around the streets free?

Regardless of the fact that he is involved with a seriously odd set of circumstances vis a ve the "disappearance" of his girl friends daughter.

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