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Medvedev, will he rule??


Seem to remember the same question being asked last time when Putin came into power, and the answer ended up being yes. Why would it not be the same in this case?

Actually from what i've seen so far in terms of questions asked, Medvedev offers some NEW questions, return to the rule of Law in Russia, what does that mean? I know what it means here, but over east, jebus... do that and the jobs a good un!


Everyday in everyway (baring Balkan posturing & mid east spooking) the Old Bear looks more and more... just like us!
No he will not. The KGB will.

On another note and not meaning to hijack the conversation (I have been accused of that before): Will America's Medvedev AKA John McCain rule?

Me thinks not. Me thinks not.
Devil_Dog said:
No he will not. The KGB will.

On another note and not meaning to hijack the conversation (I have been accused of that before): Will America's Medvedev AKA John McCain rule?

Me thinks not. Me thinks not.
Well considering the KGB do not exist and haven't for years methinks you are talking rubbish.
I think the new Prime Minister over there will hold all the power, what was his name.... Oh yeah, Putin........

Edit for spelling mongness :oops:
Russian tsar Ivan 4th the Terrible allegedly was told about a prediction that in 1575 Russian tsar would die. So he 'appointed' Simeon Bekbulatovich (Tarar noble prince for city of Kasimov) as Russian tsar for a year and that time formally he was only 'Moscow's prince'. Of course Ivan the 4th remained a real ruler though another man was sitting on the throne.
Medvedev is to Putin, as Blair was to Bush.

I think I've got that right, my logic is running round in fcuking circles after that one.
If you think Medvedev will rule, you probably think Alistair Darling will be writing his own budgets...
Vlad cannot run for President for a 3rd term so he has put a 'Glove Puppet' in to keep his seat warm until the next elections.

You can look forward to the Duma increasing the term the next President serves from 4 to 7 years.

Putin will run again in 2012 and serve for another 14 years.
Were Putin's policies good for Russia? Yes.
All Russia needs now is for Medvedev to continue along the same lines at home AND to present himself as a "fresh face" on international arena...
Yeltsin was born in 1931, so when he handed over to Putin he was glad of the break. Putin himself will be glad for the break, but still is a young enough dog to stay around and enjoy a long patronage.

Question remains though is once Medvedev performs the same trick and moves to join his friend in semi retirement in a decade, and the next from the young steps to the plate, will there be enough evolution for there to be two candidates from two parties with a fair chance for the people to decide?

If the 'rule of law' is to return on Medvedev's term over the next 10 years, will it be a natural law?
This is a very bizarre situation though. There was a lot of clammer about Putin not wanting to give up power, then his protige wins the election for the presidency who then rather kindly appoints him PM therefore allowing Putin to maintain power (due to the constitutional limits to having a 4th term).

If the election was above board then the Russian people must be fond of Putin, as it was no secret Medvedev was Putin's protige. Unless Medvedev has agreed to be a puppet.
Domovoy said:
Politics is dirty business...

At the end of the day, if it will be beneficial for Russian people, who cares who is who's puppet?
In an ideal world he would be my puppet.
In all seriousness though your right, if he does his job well then who cares
Medvedev will do exactly as Vlad tells him and won't run for a second term, that's Vlads next stint.

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