Medvedev girls

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. It is an example for potential Cameron girls I suppose.

    Two supporters of Russia's pres. Medvedev object beer drinking in public places. They propose to fill their cans with beer and in return they agree to undress.



  2. There used to be a pub in Staines where a quid from everyone in the room would get 3 minutes of a Russian (or Polish) bird stripping off and flicking her bean. At £3.50+ for a pint this scenario is just not financially viable! However if you could get away with filling a pint with piss...
  3. old news. I shagged them all last week.
  4. Even the one in the hat?
  5. That one got it twice, I have a hat fetish.
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  6. I have always disliked Medvedev, with his hippy American loving ways. Putin should give him the boot, hes disgracing Russia with his antics and his supporters are the usual byproduct of Western democracy. Russia needs to return to its socialistic side, and give the boot to this Slutty/Hippy culture.

    Russian family values are outstanding and amazing, with this sudden spread of horrid values coming from influences of the West, Russia may fall victim to this slutty ideology. Clinton has already tried to fund a Pro Homosexuality programme in Moscow, I am sure by using Lady Gaga, its good to see the Orthodox Christians and Muslims of Russia, oppose this in full power, and gave the booting!

    The people of the West and especially the public are already destroying their own fabric of society, from same sex marriages to relationships with multiply partners(swingers), people will start seeing the West turn into one big orgy with no regard to culture nor family values.

    These girls are being used by pimps to furthur their political agenda, and I hope someone gives this Medvedev the boot!

  7. Shush you frothy horse vagina.
  8. Medvedev is merely the sock puppet of Putin.

    There's plenty of them on here to.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You sometimes wonder if Russians ever realise just how much people laugh at them.

  10. That's better…
  11. Another quote to be added to your signature!
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    But, who gets to drink the bucket of pivo?
  13. At least I (as a Russian) understands it. There is a lot of causes to laugh at us. We are indeed a strange people.


    Not only pres.Medvedev has female fans. There is a lot of 'Putin girls'.

    Recently they stopped Soviet and Russian made cars and washed them.


    Students of Moscow university issued a calendar to Putin's 58th birthday under a name "We love you".

  14. Fit women though! Russian immigrants to the USA are bloody hard working people who assimilate into American society very quickly.
    As far as Kandak's comments are concerned I think there was an alcohol abuse problem in Russia long before the demise of the USSR.
  15. We're really quite fond of you too, funnily enough. :)