Going on Medman next year anyone know what kit i should be issued?

I know ill prob only get half what i should get issued and just as coming off the prairie.

im in a reme fitter section

ta in advance


Dunno what you'll be issued, but take massive quantities of mozzie repellant - They're evil bastards across there. I used a whole can of jungle formula repellant in one day, and STILL got eaten alive. I counted over 100 mozzie bites that night.

I'd be inclined to take electronic repellers, plenty of DEET based creams/sprays, and wash using soap from Lush (full of citronella extract) that i think is called a treat.....



If I may make a suggestion: grab yourself a tube or two of Nupercaine. It's a skin anaesthetic you can smear on mozzie bites. It doesn't cure them or anything, but it takes away the irritation so you're not tempted to scratch away at them and risk a secondary infection.

Mate take cash go to the canex and buy the mossy stuff there its damn good stuff. :D
Which medman you on we did 2 a couple of years ago and it snowed
which was nice as i only had my thin doss bag 8O :x
take a mobile and phone for pizza delivery to gate 9 where reme try and set up there knackered vehicle park expensive for delivery but after 3 weeks on compo totally worth it :wink: :wink:
and dont forget to go to the spiorts bar in town and try the suicide wings fantastic oh and its 50 mins by taxi there but less than two on the return journey but that only works when hammered :p :p

Why dont you wait till you go back to work, and ask your Tiff or full screws in your fitter section, as there the ones who should be able to tell you what you will or wont get.


All you need is a good jack box with plenty of music, loads of sets of covies, warm hat and gloves with a good pair of warm boots and a good sense of humour.
The vehicles will be fresh out of Winter Repair and will cause lots of work as usual on Med Man 1. Get yourself down to the CANEX and buy some cans of OFF(thats the Canadian mossy repellant and it works a treat).
The issue kit is generally good enough, but amke sure you take plenty of it.
See you out there!!


I Agree with you "A Mech". I've done a few Iron Anvil Exercises out there and OFF spray is the way foward. You'll be vehicle mounted so a mossie net for out on the prarie to go over your camp cot. I think we are all singing of the same song sheet in this thread. The mossies out there are pure mental.


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The Off mossy rep is very good. A new mossy net if you can get one before you go.
Failing that I would take MicknDarcyJo as a mossy magnet, just keep about ten feet away.

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