Medium Girder Bridge

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Cheat, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. A TA friend of mine, who is also RAMC recently had a job interview. His prospective employer was ex some weird country's Engineers, was asking him quesions like "Did you ever use the Medium Girder Bridge?" and "how long does it take to deploy it?" etc

    Now he had no idea, thought it was something around 10 mins. At the end of the interview they had a little chat about the army and he was told how his prospective new boss and his guys had built one in 3.5 mins....

    Is that do-able? I saw that Vid of the Sappers building one up by dogwood, and it seemed to take a bit longer than that.

    Any help?

    T C
  2. Probably can do if quick.
  3. Depends on the size really. Also depends on where yo ubuild it and how knackered the MGB is. Can't remember times off the top of my head, though it can be quick and there were competitions held each year.
  4. Dog squadron used to holds the world record for a 5 bay, and that was something like 6 minutes.... i'm sure any ex "doggers" out there would confirm this.

    The standard "Pam" build time for a 12 bay double storey bridge was I'm pretty sure 45 minutes, but could be done in less...

    3 minutes would get you about 4 bays if you trained for 6 months.

    big boys meccano

    character building.... i believe it's now been mothballed is this correct?
  5. Did hear that, but now out so don't know. MGB was/is for winners!
  6. I can vaguely remember a build of just under 9 minutes by 21 Engr Regt back in 1995 - it may still be in the Guiness Book of Records if anybody has a copy.

    However in the early 1990's (sometime between 93 - 95) the dreaded Health and Safety dramatically changed the competition which resulted in a significant increas in times; hence there would have been earlier records well under 9 minutes from the late 80's or early 90's. One significant change I can recall was the need for four men on a top panel, plus the wearing of helmets.

    There where frequently a smattering of foreign teams, but as far as I recall none of them ever set a record.
  7. It would take at least 3.5 mins to deck, kerb and ramp a 5 bay SS, and thats going some. H&S does now come into the equation, might do to look at some old Sapper mags to look for timings etc. Wasn't there a 5 bay SS done in Iraq not so long ago?
  8. I was part of the 5 bay speed building comp team that was put together by 12/16 sqns at traz in 91. We spent about 10 weeks practising between the square and the gym for the competition, and got our time down to between 6-7 minutes.

    On the day of the comp. the doggers beat their own record with a time of about 5 and a half minutes. We had a few problems and managed a time of about 9 and a half minutes for second place. The next nearest time was around 14-15 minutes by a spam team.
  9. Didn't they used to run this comp at the Military tattoo.

    I remember the Ghurkas being the business at MGB racing, mind you it was indoors, and flat!!!.

    Been a while since I built one, but those guys were unreal.

    Bit like the gun racing you see, but done by people who work for a living!!
  10. Yep, dog were training with TWO men on top panels for the MGOB comp, no bottom panels required.... men on opposing corners...

    now THAT is f ucking hard core....

    Health and safety used to be akin to saying "can i bugger your mum" in the corps, and the only "safety kit" worn was a weightlifting belt.

    Some of the lads on that team were animals

    Sp**dy R**e and smiler gr****ook spring to mind....

    not my cup of tea, bridge gallops from BAOR circa 1989/90 were heeedious...
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The MGB competition stayed in the 1 Div Sapper Games until 2001. They were stopped after that as there was very little MGB held at the Park in Hameln once MGB had been replaced by GSB, and the competition had a habit of knackering the bits that were left.
  12. We though we were doing well with 3 to a top panel, those guys just seemed to be huge :strong: :worship:
    We'd heard that they trained year round for it and got extra scoff and all that...

    Bridge Gallops :omfg: i still have the scars...
  13. my best experience of MGB............ was seeing it get blown up in BATUS!
    Man...does that stuff fly!!!!!!!hehehe

    Bailey was always a more civilised build IMHO!!!!hahaha
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  14. Dog took the MGB comp mega seriously, and the team was selected and trained solidly for 6 months before the Sapper games

    Unlike the men of the shiny seventh of field who used to look at them training, suck their teeth theatrically and mutter "f[/b]uck that for a laugh" whilst wobbling off to Blondies.

    Bailey was just a "purple earring" inducer, my kid bro was involved in the Mostar Bailey build and his balls are still lodged in his throat from over straining, and he blames his copious collection of swollen and painful farmer Giles on it...
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  15. Who were you with Whit? I was in 12 from 87 till they disbanded in Hameln in 93.