Medium Alice pack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. I have bought an alice pack it has shoulder straps but no frame. I was wondering if there where any mods that I could do to make it better ? (Apart from burning it or burying it.)
  2. Well, do you want to get a frame for it?
  3. Not sure I don't know if there any good
  4. i got the medium pack in 1993 at the PX in giessen, bought the frame too but dont always use it with the pack. its a not bad pack, bit bigger than your regular daysacks. the only thing i modded was the two straps that close it, i cut them down a bit and fitted a couple of fastex pretty well. the only thing that bugs me about it is the creaking noise i hear when its packed and used with the frame. it may just be my pack though. oh and the stitching on the pockets could be better but i had that reinforced a few years ago too.
  5. I remember the gs bergan and the sas/para bergan all so squeak too
  6. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    My mate had one years ago and although he raved about it (and the ALICE pouches), he too had issues with the stitching.
  7. RVA

    RVA Swinger

  8. I only paid £15 for it.
  9. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Then I guess your answer is going to be based around what you expect to do with it. The odd exercise or a weekend away, then you are going to be quids in, if you are looking to put this to some serious use somewhere, then it's whether you are willing to gamble on the stitching going when you are out and about (not to say it even will, it might hold out fine).
  10. Depends how much crap your stuffing into it. I used Issue Med ALICE for 8 years without the stiching falling apart. Reforger, JOTC in Panama, NTC . My only complaint was it's too small for light infanty use, good for Mech where you can leave the bulky stuff in a duffle bag on the roof. Seen one ruck frame break in 26 years and that was after being run over.
  11. I've decided to look around the shows this summer for a frame and I also found this website alice pack mods