Medieval Monster Dong

In days of yor, there was a Knight who had a twenty inch dick. This was a massive draw back (no play on words intended) in many ways. Imagine what he looked like out of armour, in tight hose. Plus it wasn't easy to stuff it into his armour anyway and it was pretty painful if he crouched down and don't even try to imagine the result of a hard on in armour. He couldn't even benefit from an earner as porn wasn't up to much in those days. This Knight had now found his beloved and she wanted to marry him too, but he Knew that just the site of his massive dong would give her a heart attack and it would be a doomed marriage from the start. He went off to consult the Witch of the woods and she, after a good old cackle, told him where to find a certain holy woman. He was to ask her for sex and when she said no, his tool would shrink by four inches. He found the holy woman, asked her for a shag and she said. "No, never." He checked and found that he had lost the four inches as promised. The Knight thought, great, but sixteen inches is still far too big, so again he asked for sex. The holy woman said. " No Sir Knight and never ask again." When he checked, sure enough, he'd lost another four inches. Having proved the Witch was true to her word he went for a last time to finish up with a proud useful and not frightening size of eight inches. "How about a shag then?" The holy woman screamed. "How many times do I have to say it?..No NO NO."
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