Medieval 2 total war

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by white_rolos, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. chaps, been crashing on year 1540 ish and soon as i finish turn, seems to crash on the polish move. is it a polack conspiracy or a bug? please help, need my fix !!
  2. Do you have a "save game" a little further back? I have played Medieval TW2 and it does sometimes crash for no apparant reason after a turn while the computer is making it's moves. Although I must say that in all fairness this is very rare.

    If you have a saved game from close to 1540 then try going back and loading that. Best of luck. It's a great game and very moorish if you pardon the pun :)
  3. Cheers Garwal , tried it again and again and again and again but keeps crashing on same bit so re started the badger. getting skuffed all over again off the cheeky chappie spanish. buggers
  4. Im having no trouble with it although its now 1874 and its still going! was it still medieval then? its only 40 years away from WW1!
  5. Unless of course you replace the 2 with a to and we consider Nostra Damus' Armageddon theorem.
  6. I started with the British and I think I was post WW2 when i captured antioch. If you can get into the habit of manually saving the game now and then, especially if you decide to wage war against a formidable enemy then it makes things a bit easier. Also means that if it goes belly up you don't have to go too far back to resume your campaign.

    It is a great game Medieval TW1 was ground breaking. Rome TW was ok. Now Medieval TW2 gets the balance just about right especially cavalry v infantry. Awesome graphics too.
  7. Is it best to exterminate the population of settlements and cities once youve captured them?
  8. Depends Filbert. If you exterminate you get a fair whack of cash, and reduce the populace so reducing chances of rebellion.

    However, it takes a long time to rebuild to a sufficient population level, so if you can garrison the settlement properly, over time it will be loyal, and you will have access to the bonuses of having a large population (more people=more tax money and more people for the army!).

    I personally exterminate settlements I've had to really fight for.
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    re crashes, have you downloaded the latest patch?
  10. onNo mate havent downloaded any patches as im in the sandy shit hole and yank net keeps going down. any chance of pointing me in right direction for the right patch? The french have just jacked on me . back stabbing barstewards! (its only a game.. its only a game.. its only a game!!)
  11. Only a game, but realistic, clearly!
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    go to i think, and look for the right patch. be warned tho, its huge (600-800 mb i think). You might be better off getting someone back home to downlaod it and put it on cd, maybe even DVD and post to you...
  13. The patch is 613Mb!! I wondered why there was a reason I didn't download it after installing. Never seen a patch that big before.

    direct link to two downlaod sites (I was getting 550+KB/s download speed on this site and it took 18 mins 45 secs on an 8MB broadband connection)

    On the subject of extermination.

    In the early days I usually just take over especially if they are just rebel held villages. Later on I tend to Sack because this gets the most money and the population are cowed into submission. When taking strong cities/citadels from the opponents then I tend to exterminate because they havea higher chance to revolt. It also saves me keeping costly garrisons in place.