Medieval 2, Total War.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by DrStealth, Nov 21, 2006.

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    i have just got TW Medi 2 and have been trying the online multiplayer,
    apart from having to run it at crap resolution settings due to my shite and cheap crap PC, its another very addictive and compulsive game like all the previous in the series,

    i'v just started the single player campaign and its the same old highly enjoyable format, but with more depth in the deplomacy and city managment.

    ordering your army of thousands forward to contact, shield against shield,
    bless them.

    anyone else got it or play any other of the TW series?
  2. I'm waiting for the new one to arrive but have been playing the latest total realism mod for rome total war, which extends the map as far as India and is a bloody site harder than the vanilla version
  3. Dr S: Is Medieval 2 like Rome?

    To be honest I thought Rome was pretty but slow. You couldn't change tactics by developing troops specialised to your own tactics like you could in Medieval. All the troops were so similar or ineffective.

    I've stuck with Medieval ever since. I hope 2 isn't the same as Rome and requires the strategy required in the original.
  4. I have a copy of M2TW, but it remains uninstalled as I am currently engrossed in Oblivion! I might get round to it by this time next year :roll:

    I found Rome thoroughly engrossing and I am led to believe it has the same level of gameplay as Rome and the benefit of being able to play as the English (hurrah!).
  5. got Rome TW don't think my old PC is up to MTW though :(
  6. the different factions in rome have wildly different abilitys, like the parthians and the british, anf these factions are only 'unlocked' after compleating a campaign as one of the roman factions, yes the roman factions are all the same, bit boring.

    i played medi 1 a lot on-line, mostly with a napoleonic age mod.,0,0,1,0,0

    theres a rome napoleonic mod too, but i'v never tried it.,0,0,1,0,0
  7. But if you're still using rome download a total realism mod it makes the game ten times better and gives more factions
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Got two questions on this.

    1. How do you trigger the Aztec part of the campaign? Do you have to meet the victory conditions on the Grand Campaign?

    2. Anyone come up with a good defence against the Elephant cannons? My uber strength english army got massacred in an opening battle against them, and only managed to drive off the attacking army in a subsequent siege, after taking approx 80-90% casaulties, and severe damage to city defences! Rome had a flaming pig unit to counter them, is there similar on this?
  9. Another question what's the best way to win favour with the pope?
  10. to trigger the aztecs / discovering america, it's reading between the lines. at some point in the game you get one message saying "some have speculated that you might be able to sail round the world to get to the far east" or something.

    at that point, build up two large armies and two medium ones. sail west in four navies. the two large ones need to go west from around northern spain's. one a screen or so further north, one further south.

    just keep sailing west, you'll see the map keeps expanging until eventually you hit land.

    warning - the aztecs are nails and there are thousands of them. you will need big strong armies to get a foothold in the central region and finally take the area. but there is gold galore and you will be pretty well off when you finally do it.

    oh yes, the aztecs are quite funny and colourful too. lots of priests, jaguar skins on heads and funny colours. take lots of rifles, some artillery, elite hand to hand troops and lots of cavalry (vital - they have none at all). hand to hand, the aztecs are nails.

    the landfalls to north and south (florida and south america) are not so hard - one off battle defeating them all, then you're left alone. but the middle region is 3 or 4 towns and they just keep sending massive armies after you.

    against elephant cannons - the best weapon against elephants full stop is javelins (to kill them, if you can get close enough) or cannons with flaming ammunition (to scare them into routing). if you're playing as russia, boyar sons are excellent against elephants - javelin cavalry.

    failing that, concentrate fire on them from flaming archers. but to be honest, you can waste every arrow without killing anyone or routing the elephants.

    my fave tactic against elephants is to hide behind my walls and use lots of rifles against them.

    smoojalooge - best / easiest way to curry favour with the pope is to build churches and especially cathedrals. don't fight any catholic neighbours and don't ignore crusades.
  11. Computer game people I have a question: Was there/has there ever been a video game arcade, home PC, Nintendo etc. game about Rambo or/and Rocky?

    Saw 'Rambo - First Blood Part II' last night and it made me wonder.
  12. Cheers I'm well in with the pope now and as for the random rambo question yes FB pt II was a game on the amstrad CPC 464
  13. Many thanks. I wonder how the grapics compares to nowadays. Must have been a hoot! I remember guys in the NAAFI 20 years ago playing that Olympic challege/game with the running, throwing and jumping disciplines. Quite amusing to watch grown me thrash the bottons as fast as possible to beat the other man! Ahhh the good old days!