medieval 2 or rome total war??

has anyone got either of these and willing to do a gizza?? i want to get into them to while away the tour hours but can't just pop to HMV or game... anyone that doesnt use it and willin to give either up plz pm me???
You can't have either of mine! top games though-and Empire:Total War is out next year! Thats going to be very cool, Total War series in the 18th century & napoleonic Wars, you get to set up the British Empire!
is it (empire: total war) a RTS ala Command and Conquer or more in depth than build and destroy?
Praying Mantis its a combination of the two-you play most of the game in a 'strategic' turn-based view, with a top-down map of cities, where you build assorted upgrades to get more money and better units, then when you go into battle it becomes RTS a la Commnd & conquer-apprently Empire: Total War lets you fight naval battles in RTS as well as land ones...
sounds good, when does it come out?
awesome response guys!! i've replied to the PM but am genuinely thankful for the replies and offers!!

i eagerly await the next one if i like these and if there is any old classics any of you wish to try then do as i did and i'll try return the favour!!!

once again thank you and godspeed!
You need a bit of Silent Hunter 3! Roaming the North Sea in a victorious U-Boot!
Gotta love playing england when u get the 'sherwood archers' look like little robin hoods...they completely decimate everything so much fun cutting down a french army before they even get remotely close. Total war medievil II is what im playing .. i THINK :p

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