Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by remeal, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. 999 crew sacked in meal break row
    I would have thought they would respond anyway in a humanitarian kind of way. Any thoughts on the matter are welcomed
  2. Got any more than this? link, Where, When? etc..
  3. Sorry for being an eejit, i'ts on BBC webpage, dont know how to do a link, but it's worth a look
  4. i don't work in the acute sector any more,but when i did,we had to be available for duty even on our breaks. If a call came for theatres,ITU Resus or NNU and we were on our dinner,we had to stop eating,take the call and finish our break later when it calmed down or claim time back! You can't let people die cos your soup will go cold!!!
  5. You dont mention whether you were paid for meal breaks ?

    For you information Paramedic crews aren't, so are stood down, and split meal breaks are carried out with another crew.

    It seems that the Ambulance service (Road) are the only emergency service who are not paid so are booked off, And the only part of the NHS who are shafted this way.

    As someone mentioned earlier, there's more to this story.

    Web Page Name
  6. fair dos to them then...if they ain't being paid then they are off duty in my eyes and perfectly entitled to say no!!!
  7. Are they fvck right to say no - they are an emergency service and should act like it - it boils my p1ss that people with such responsibility act like this, they can always finish their break later on:

    This kid's death is possibly due to these fvckers taking a lunch break - work to rule and meal breaks required by the working time regs doesnt count for fvck-all when lives are on the line....

    Appreciate they are getting ripped off by the gaffers at the NHS, but again, it doesnt matter when it comes to saving lives...Emergency services should have the right to take industrial action away from them.

  8. Who died ?

    They were sacked for not responding to a 999, not sacked for someone dying.
  9. Pres

    Different bit of news, a kid died in the north east, a crew 3 miles from his house were on a lunch break, so a crew had to come from 10 miles plus.

    Not suggesting the crew from the original story got sacked for anyone dying, just making a point about ambi crews (some of them) being stuck in the mud - I'll bet there are plenty who do the decent thing though....

  10. What the media fail to point out is that when an ambulance crew are put on there rest break (its called a rest break - not a meal break) , they are unpaid durig that period. Whereas before agenda for change came into being (new pay structure in the NHS) , ambulance crews had PAID meal breaks , now they are UNPAID during there rest break. So are not actually insured nor allowed to drive the ambulance during that time ! The crew would not know there is a 999 call nearby as the control room is not allowed to contact them during there rest break period.The ambulance crews do not choose when they want there break they are TOLD by there control room that they are on there rest break.

    Here in London if you are on a 12 hour shift , you are meant to be given a 45 min break. The first thirty minutes is unpaid and un-interupptable , the last 15 mins is paid and you can be sent to a Life threatening Cat A call or a major incident if need be.

    If you do not get given a break (usually cos its to busy !) , if you are off at 1900 , from 1815 till 1830 you can only be given a life threatening call . Then at 1830 you are end of shift and can go home , as you are only paid for 11.30 hours if you DO get a break , then you are on shift til 1900.
  11. bwtsninja: If what you say is all correct, and the crews had no knowledge of the call, then there shouldn't have even been a case for dismissal, let alone actually kicking them out.
    Surely they have grounds to appeal against they're sacking?
  12. Well i don't know the full details and there is probably more to it than what the media is reporting .

    I can only comment on how the rest break policy works in the London ambulance service, but the policy is roughly the same across the country, although some services have "bought off" the rest breaks from crews by giving for example a payment of £1,200 a year that a crew can be interrupted during there break or if the crew gets there break interuppted they get a payment of £35.

    If the afore mentioned crew was from one of the services that have "bought off" there rest breaks and refused to go on the call , that could be the reson for there discip.
  13. If you read tha last paragraph on the link it states:

    "In North Yorkshire, paramedics receive a so-called availability payment of about £1,500 a year".

    If this is the case it looks like they're fcuked, this must have been negotiated with the union and voted on by its members, which these two are.

    They have an unpaid mealbreak and paid £1500 a year to put your sarny to one side if needs be. It's similar to where i work apart from we dont get paid for it. We just get home earlier.