Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by trainmed, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi all.
    Sorry for the question, I have looked all over on here and cannot find a straight answer before posting.

    I'm a cmt2 in a non medical
    unit. Civvie job EMT in ambulance service.

    Hoping to deploy next year, unit don't know much about medics as
    the only one.
    BART and BTLS
    what do they consist of and are they open to cmt2(v) upon deployment?

    Further to this, team medics, what can they do? Protocols and kit?
    As it's nice to know what others can do.

    Also, can't find it on armynet, nsn for standard non advanced med kit.
    And dates for cmt1(v)2010.

    Big ask with all these questions, but I'm sure you guys can help.
  2. Team medics are really only a minor step above BCD. Most of the drills are the same, but incorporate some extra bits of kit such as Haemcon, suction, triage cards, resus face shields etc. There's also a little bit of care under fire training for them.

    The protocols are very like those on BCD. There's even a little TAMs booklet for revision.

    NSNs for the team medic pack stuff are as follows

    Team medic pack operational 583

    6515-99-676-5123 Suction Easy

    6515-99-428-4729 Resus face shield

    6545-99-936-3553 Adult triage lable pack

    6515-99-497-2148 Asherman chest seal

    6505-01-302-5530 Morphine auto injector 10mg/1ml

    6515-99-210-5030 Pencil, skin marking, blue

    6510-99-332-2032 Emergency bandage trauma (new FFD)

    6510-99-521-7976 Tourniquet system self applied CAT

    6515-99-211-4973 Scissors universal tufcut

    6510-99-210-2562 Bandage triangular calico

    6515-99-665-8979 gloves medical examination size medium

    8465-99-978-4567 Pouch, medical 3 compartment

    6510-01-502-6938 Haemcon bandage

    Hope this helps
  3. Mac, thanks for the reply and the info.
    I been working loads so this is first time I've been on the site in ages.
    Cheers for the help.