Medics who rant on about being more qualed then Paramedics!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by paul2005, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Having served over 4 years with a front line Medical Unit (lol!) I was sick to death with Medics going on about how over qualified they were and how they should have paramedic status. How on earth can you justify achieving such a high level of qualification and medical competency when most of the Medics I came across had some sort of medical mental disfunction and spent most days checking med supplies and erecting tents. Most medics I came across couldn't be trusted to issue a plaster let alone treat a cas with the level of med knowledge a paramedic could.
  2. Due to CG, I doubt that a CMT is allowed near a patient theese days, so thier competency can,t be that good. A bunch of walts if you ask me. As long as you personally know what you are capable off,let them rant.RAMC field units are very boring for someone who wants to do medical work,always has been, always will be.Apply to do your nurse training, something I regret not doing. I,m probably in the only industry where being not nurse qualified, isn,t frowned upon.

    Don't let the B------s grind you down.
  3. Any medic who thinks they are as qualified as a paramedic needs to wake up and smell the coffee, on that point I agree (unless they have paid for external courses).

    Yes there are a number of medics who arn't worth a w**k, but saying that, there are a number of attached arms in medical units who are cast offs from their own corps mainstream and not worth a w**k either.

    I have worked with some excellent medics and also some excellent attached arms personnel, a number of each are still personal friends of mine 4 years after leaving.

    Everyone whinges about their trade its a soldiers prerogative after all, people just need a reality check every now and then to realise just how good (or not) they are.
  4. I can se this thread stirring up a veritable hornets nest, no doubt the negativity will come from the CMT's. Even as an ex 22 year CMT I can see the point in question, I had the displeasure to serve with some of these "over qualled" CMT's. However, when the shoite hit the fan they suddenly realised that life wasn't text book and people did actualy die.

    Others, I might add, were excellent, they reacted instinctively, worked within their training and did save lives.
  5. I agree there is the odd medic who is excellent at his trade (plese lets have more of them), but in my experience these were the guys who were satisfied with thier job and were pursuing a career in the Army. Those who used to tick me off had no idea of thier own limitations and thought because they provided the odd med cover using a vehicle with a big blue light on top, justified them to be paramedics. Instead of realising they were infact just there to become the taxi off the ranges to get the cas to real paramedics at an RV.
  6. You really do want to wind people up don't you LOL,

    True about the taxi service though
  7. Aye well the trogs have always had delusions, in a med unit that is all they are, a taxi service at our beck and call, and doesn't that make them bitter eh Soldier1(UK)?!!!

    (Open the door, pull the pin, throw, and wait!!!)
  8. Does this mean you will be w**king the rest off then?
  9. Enough split arrse's and handbags to do that job!!!!

    Ready to get a good hiding off the Rhinos Saturday, primrose?
  10. CMT's do a valuable job but it cant be said they are more qualified than a paramedic.
    CMT's probably do more to do with trauma especially BARTS/BATLS trained, but the work of a paramedic is so varied you couldnt equate the two roles.
  11. Well I have to say things must have picked up a bit if a CMT with BATLS/BARTS does more Trauma than a civilian paramedic!!, granted things are bit busier with Iraq and the like, but I was a CMT 1 for over 10 years and BARTS for 3-4 years of that time, I did a quite a few tours in that time and no way was I as busy in that time as I was in 6 months in London on the Ambulance strike 89-90.

    Hitting on average 6 - 10 calls a shift and I would say 2-3 of those would be trauma like say RTA's, train hits, and stabbings etc. If you doing that 4 days a week it's a fair bit more than most if not all CMT's.
  12. Granted I havnt worked down in london, but I have worked in Manchester and I now work in Middlesbrough as an ambulance technician along side a paramedic.
    We do have the normal calls to the pub bust ups on a friday / saturday night and we do attend RTA's but by far the majority of our work is medical.

    One of my mates on my station was a navy medic, he passed the bridging course with an ambulance service down south and has made the cross over with no probs at all.