Medicine Man 2

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boneocdt, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im an OCdt, from an OTC. No this isn't a wah...From 03 June for six weeks I am attached to the a regiment for Medicine Man 2 in BATUS. I have been given a very brief brief, and was wondering if anyone can fill me in on what exactly goes on on med man 2. So far i'm aware that the first four weeks is a 'massive live fireing package' and the last two weeks is 'a tesex package'. Can anyone expand on that?

  2. Mate if you are in Medman from June 03 then you are 4 years late!

    Enjoy the Rn R package and try to get to Edmonton for a few beers.

  3. Firstly as a OCdt you should learn now to proof read your messages prior to posting them and that way you will pick up on your spelling mistakes. As for Med Man exercises, I have done safety staff twice out there, so have a little knowledge on them. You will be out on the ground for 28-30 days, so your admin needs to be of a high standard, as a potenial rupert that will be beyond you but ask one of the lads for some help. The live firing phase is first lasting up to 14 days or so. Then you start the TESEX phase for the remainder of the Exercise, starting at low level PL or TP. Working up through Coy or Sqn to Battlegroup level. It will all depend on what Regiment/Corps you are attached to, to exactly what you will do. It is a demanding exercise but you will enjoy it.
  4. I've been safety staff and it's only as such that my knowledge of the "block" came about my daily incursions up the rattlesnake. The training area is a very barren place for first timers. I personally would brush up map reading skills and quickly adapt to the voice procedure on the safety nets as they are like nothing else. Apart from the military skills, pick a local beer and stick to it, get some high deet insect repellant and bloody well enjoy yourself.
  5. Bone OCdt:

    I took part on one of the Med Man exercises last year (06) attached to an infantry batallion. I was a TA 2Lt (Type B) and along with about 25 OCdts (and 2 2Lts) were dispersed within a Rifle Company as reinforcements (ie - fulfilling dismounted Pte/LCpl roles).

    We spent roughly a month in camp (in the UK) with the battalion before shipping off to Canada and starting the exercise (due to delayed flights the battalion had already been deployed for about 24 hrs.

    The live firing phase lasted about 14 days, building up from section assaults, to platoon level, then company level, culminating in battlegroup level assaults by the end of the 2 week phase. Throughout this phase there was no attempt at continuity (to a vast extent) of pretending that there was a 'story line' to be following. ie - you did a platoon attack, then waited for the other platoons to complete it before moving onto the next stand. Sleep was not a major issue - got loads of it, and there was plenty of time for admin etc.

    The blank firing phase appeared to me to be a bit of a ball ache. The TESEX kit we had seemed to be temperamental at best, and one could be firing at an 'enemy' all day without it registering as a hit. On the other hand, one could suddenly be 'shot' by a sniper whilst sat in the back of a Warrior.

    Be prepared for little sleep and long periods spent in the back of a vehicle without knowing what is going on. Maintenance days appeared once every 5 or 6 days (clean the vehicles/CSgt with coke/chocolate/cigarettes) and mobile showers once every 9 days (perhaps). I think that most people managed to get a lift into camp at least once.

    After the exercise:
    We managed to get into Medecine hat for 2 or 3 nights on the piss. It isn't a fantastic place, but any beer is good beer. Be prepared to have lots to do in the camp anyway - clean vehicles/range sweep etc. Managed to go to Calgary for 2 nights - not a brilliant place, but something to do. The AT packages are also very good (but watch out for the skydiving as it is weather dependent).

    Enjoy it - I finished university last summer, spent 3 months on attachment before travelling, and am now kicking my heels before Sandhurst next month.

  6. Bone.

    Unfortunately much of the info you receive from previous MM will not apply to this year.

    Everything has changed and a mushroom approach appears to be adopted in that even the permanent staff haven't got a clue.

    One thing that probably won't change is that as an OCdt you will form one of the many work parties to assist once the MM is over. This will allow the lads who have dug out blind to get away on some well deserved R+R.
  7. I concur with dingerrs' last paragraph - getting dicked for admin at the end is quite likely - especially if you go at the end of the summer when the range sweep takes place.
  8. Calgary, home of some of the best looking women on the face of the planet, and Cowboys, the surreal techno-line dancing night club where they really do love Brits.

    Not a brilliant place, are you mental? Calgary has to be one of the best nights on the lash available.

    Thanks also for your valuable input on the ins and outs of TES kit though!

    Bottom line is MEDMAN is still one of the, if not the, best training opportunities afforded the Breitish Army. It is resourced properly and there are virtually no limits placed on the ranges (claerly apart from the obvious safety) and other training.

    You should enjoy it, although as has been intimated, it is changing for your gang this year, and may, therefore, be just an awesome range package. But you'll have to make the most of it. Shy bairns get nowt, so ask and volunteer for stuff.
  9. Awesome, thank you all for your responses, helping to build up a better picture of what to expect, and quite frankly; I cant wait.

    Apparently I and my fellow OCdts (thinks theres about 10 of us in total) may be given command appointments at some stages during the exercise - now obviously as an OCdt, being in command of real soilders is perhaps a little daunting, but shouldn't be a problem- however, why on earth would anyone want to do that, can anyone clarify if this is a possibility?!

    5iron: Admin shouldn't be a problem, but yeah can always ask one of the lads if any dramas. Will be attached to the Scotts Guards.

    In regards to getting dicked on, no problems, used to it by now...

  10. Not wanting to appear like I have all of the answers as I obviously do not; with regards to the command appointments -
    My Training Major packed me off there saying 'Oh, you are a 2Lt, Marvin. I wouldn't be surprised if you are a platoon commander for the exercise'. What a load of rubbish. Most importantly, my entire Army knowledge was limited to 3 weeks at Sandhurst and a couple of weekend exercises. I went there expecting nothing (which is what I got, with the exception of 2i/c). There is perhaps the possibility of being a section i/c, but anything else and you would be taking away the training from people who would need it. Having said that - if the opportunity comes put your hand up and go for it.

    I had a great time being a rifleman - one of the few times where I'll be able to do that without thinking 'oh dear, I'm going to be Platoon Sgt/Company Commander for the next attack'.

    With regards to the Calgary comment - yes, the women are hot - Cowboys rings a bell, but I was bolloxed by later in the evening, and cannot remember too much!
  11. Cheers marvin. Sounds good. Don't get me wrong, I love being in command, infact when I dont have a command appointment I get bored- however, it would also be a good crack to be a bod for a while- hoping to go to the factory Sept/Jan 07, so will be a good experience to be a bod.
  12. MM2 this season is only 13 days and there is no TESEX phase.
  13. Ah ok, whys that? Im deployed for 6 weeks...?
  14. 2 words - Insect Repellent. Can't have enough of the stuff.

    Unless there's been some sort of biological attack on Mossies in the last 10 years, you'll get bitten to fcuk. :hungry:
  15. You'll probably do MM1 and 2 (which is also 13 days) then.