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Medicine Man 2

Hello, from June 03 for six weeks I am attached to the Scots Gaurds for Medicine Man 2 in BATUS. I have been given a very brief brief, and was wondering if anyone can fill me in on what exactly goes on on med man 2. So far i'm aware that the first four weeks is a 'massive live fireing package' and the last two weeks is 'a tesex package'. Can anyone expand on that?

jibman said:
just get ready for r and r by buying some beer googles............you,ll need them in the sin bin!(if its still going?) :wink:
Not as good over there now Jibman, Cheaters is closed since you got out so you dont need your rolls of loonies anymore or a lighter. Went to Bin. O'reilly's and Alamo or to Cowboys in Calgary when I was on activation/medman one in 2001 when i was there last. Still a good hard exercise and the good old REME work hard play harder time.
Me!_Amph!! said:
I know there will be loads of big explosions, my mates doing all the batsims for the next 3 months.

God loves engineers and PE4.
Of all the ammo used in BATUS i assure you BATSIM explosions are distinctly gay in comparison - a bit like you and your....er hm.. 'mate' :hug: by the sounds of it.

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