medicaly downgraded

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by brucey bonus, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. is it possible to transfer to another arm of the forces if you are medically p7,although can pass all military fitness tests
  2. What are you downgraded with?
  3. Depends on what rank you are and what you're looking to transfer to. Also what are you downgraded for? Under PAP 10, most units are looking at getting rid of P7 permanents as part of the RECU process.

    PM if you need more info.
  4. the RLC take anyone or AGC
  5. P7............on your way I'm afraid - unless you are an Orfisah...........then it's different of course:eek:)
  6. If you can pass all fitness tests why are you p7? Surely you would be begging the MO to review you? I Know i would if i was a p7 espcially right now!
  7. Not at the moment we don't, unless you can pass the AT course, we dont want any more biffs, we've got quite enough of our own.
  8. You could have cancer and still pass your fitness tests. You would still be classed as P7. If CWI is classed as P7 you could still pass your fitness tests.
  9. Not currently.
  10. I know what you're saying but Is that the case once you are diagnosed?
    We had a Full Screw diagnosed with Asthma in his late twenties. Hadn't ever had an attack.
    Instantly downgraded.
  11. I thought you were still 40 odd percent undermanned?

    What do you mean? You can be classed as P7 for a variety of reasons that doesnt affect your ability to do CFT/PFAs.
  12. This was 1983. He was just promoted to Sgt (Recuiting) I think he was stuck in that role for ages.
    Re the Cancer, surely the treatment would mess you up even more.
  13. We are, but those attempting the AT course must be FE.
  14. At the latest transfer fair the only Regiment/Corps willing to accept any sort of downgrading was RA. They were willing to take P3MLD for UAV operators subject to medical review. That was about it. This was before SDSR however, so they may have tightened the reigns.

    As dingerr said most units already have their share of downgraded personnel. They want troops who transfer in to be MFD (medically fully deployable). RLC AT trade is short of high threat EOD bods. Not much use doing that if you can't deploy to a high threat environment.
  15. As BM says, no one will take you unless you can deploy. It's always worth asking the question though. You didn't say if you were permanently downgraded or not. Also, bear in mind, even if you are perm, if there is an improvement in your condition you could be upgraded. Word on the street is that unless you are at the upper end of MLD, there are no vacancies. Good luck.