Good morining all,

The Forgotten Heroes has become responsible for an exclusive news report regarding the Medical Group that carry's out all medical examinations on behalf of the Government, both for the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) & the Service Pensions and Veterans Agency (SPVA).

I have given a live (Local) BBC Sheffield interview on the breakfast show today, however I will be giving a pre recorded interview on Tuesday the 26th January, to be aired on Wednesday the 27th Jan for a National Radio Station.

Patrick Merca and Dr Liam Fox have now joined in and Dr Fox may well be joining me on Tuesday for the interview.

I with the assistance of Simon Neville have been able to lift the lid on the appalling situation whereby, for War Pensions (WP) that have been carried out, are currently running at approximately an appeal rate of 30%, some 4,300 appeals for members of Her Majesties Forces have either been heard recently or are still waiting to be heard by the Tribunal Service.

If you have a story, particularly from Leeds, West Yorkshire, Simon Nevill would like you to make contact with him.

Please feel free to contact Simon through our contact details here or at The Forgotten Heroes should you wish to speak with him.

Finally, Simon is soon to be employed by a National Paper and is keen to progress with this story. The more pressure we keep up, the more we can highlight this and other problems that we face on a day to day basis.

Sincerely :D
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