I shouldn't be in the TA. By all accounts I am not fit to fight. It doesn't matter that I've never failed an APWT, or failed a BPFA (coming in well under the time limit) or never been unable to complete a BCFT at Infantry weight even though i'm in a Corp.

I have a lazy eye, and it's not correctable. I've managed to avoid getting it spotted so far in my meds but I have a medical coming up shortly and we have a new keen as mustard RMO who i'm sure will notice.

So what do you reckon my chances are? Will I be hoofed out? Anybody know of any shortcuts or rule bending that could take place?

Comments appreciated.
I saw someone deployed through RTMC who couldn't see properly unless his head was so far back his chin was level with his ears.
Right... dunno if I can do that with my chin but anything is worth a try.
My point is that he was termed "deployable"
Ahh, I get your point.

But did the chin thing work?

Come on, i'm pulling your chain...
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