Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by dennis10, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. I'm in the process of joining the army. I have to do the medical and give it to my GP (£65 for a couple of ticks, the MOD got ripped on that one). My careers advisor told me to give the end product into my AFCO, that way it doesn't get lost in the post etc.
    Am I supposed to give the forms to the doc and wait in the room while he goes through it, then take the completed forms off him and off to the AFCO. It's just I don't want to be in the room with him for an hour while he goes through it sitting in the inevitable 'awkward silence'.
    Also, he doesn't speak good English (when he does talk), so I don't want to be saying 'yes' to things I don't undertand.

    Is it better to book an appointment for the doc, give the forms to him then ask him to call me when he is finished.

  2. Hey dennis i'm in the process of joining up also. My careers advisor told me that regarding medical forms the smart thing to do is the following:

    In my case i have rarely ever been to see the doc so i..
    1. Booked in to see doc for a physical
    2. Booked in to see dentist for check up.

    The way i see it is that if i book in for a physical with my doc he can poke and prod me and that way he's comfortable to sign off on your physical health with regards to joining up. Also, and this comes from my careers advisor, you can give him the forms he needs to sign off on in person as opposed to handing them in to your surgery secretaries ( the ones at mine are fcukin useless) where i'm told that it could take up to 3 weeks for them to be seen to. On top of this you will get moved to the top or at least near the top of the docs paperwork stack. Collect the form from him in person because like you said, if it gets lost in the post then you have to start over again. Secondly about the dentist, the last thing you want at ADSC medical is them picking up on a dodgy tooth that you neglected when you were a nipper. This, i'm told will get you delayed and will undoubtedly create more paperwork.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Hi Dennis - i just left my medical with the Doc and the surgery kindly called me when it was finished. I did book an appointment to give him all the forms etc though and to put a face to the name so I knew he would do it.
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