medicals with ta and regulars

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by man_of_few_words, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. i applied for the army when i was 16 and was turned down becaue of my medical and now 2 years later i joined the ta and im now due 2 go away nxt year. i dont get why some medical requirement are different with the ta than the regular army???
  2. aye, neither do I mate. Everything should be the same across the board if you failed a medical for the Regs the TA should have full access to those records and should have failed you again.

    Why did you fail the medical for the Regs?
  3. It could be that in the 2 years the problem has either gone away or you had to wait a period, like 2 years, to show that the problem was not going to hamper you in any way.

    With out knowing the extent of the problem it is hard to say for sure. However, the medical criteria is the same for the Regs & TA.
  4. Within the Regs, you will be beasted and broken for 16 weeks plus SOLID

    with the TA - you get five days rest in between minor periods of physical activity.

    Plus the COs of TA units are interested in head counting exercises (bums on seats so to say), so if your not fully fit - you'll do!! and youll have time to break yourself in gently, and build yourself up over a longer period

    but then the regular criteria will come to bear when you are mobilised, and you have to undergo an examination at Chilwell - many a bod has got no further and been RTU'd
  5. it was because id(very minorly)self harmed in the past. i know that it would be 16 weeks hard training and alo the aspect of tours away but i dnt see how it culd be seen as a problem after such a long time.
  6. in bold - thats up to the Doc to decide!

    the TA docs do not follow the letter of the law 100%, therefore you have a greater chance of being accepted
  7. if you had self harmed in the pas tthe obviously arent stable enough to join up you pleb. god help as you will be no need to self harm as a good reggie bath will put you off twatting yourself haha. get a job in mcdonalds matey and give up the army lark :thumright:
  8. You Sir, are a tw@t. And, may I add, a w@nker. I hope life treats you with the blund end of the instrument, in the manner of your understanding.
  9. Dinners - I hope that you find yourself on the receiving end of an interview without coffee if that's the attitude with which you treat potential recruits.

    If you've never made a mistake Dinners, cast the first stone.

    Otherwise - hold your tongue.
  10. The regulations are quite clear on self harm cases and, yes, you are required to wait a certain time after the event before you can receive a full med cat on entry. The regulations do not differentiate between Regs and TA. If you did not wait the required time stipulated at your Regs refusal then you are an illegal entrant, however, most military doctors take a pragmatic line on this and try to judge each case on merit.
  11. I'm sure someone can set me straight on this but I wasn't aware that there was a different medical standard for the TA. If there is, maybe someone could have a word with the medic who's failed a high proportion of our recent recruits and current serving blokes.

    Not that I'm advocating paper exercise passes. If you're not fit to serve, you're neither use nor ornament. Now, where did I put those pies?
  12. sad cnut. if he reads that and crawls into a corner for a drip then whats he going to be like when and possibly if he passes out and gets sent to a nice place like halmand or baggers??? thsi isnt a game matey. people like that gets mates put into body bags. get into the real world
  13. the standars are the same for Regs and TA - the PULHHEEMS pamphlet.

    its the interpretation thats the prob - TA MOs work in civ div most of the week, therefore interprate the rules slightly differently to the Reg MOs who live with it day by day

    Ive seen medicals passed with broken wrists
    Ive seen marathon runners fail entry because of previous surgery

    it does make me chuckle at times
  14. I understand your sentiment mate but give the lad a bit of a break will you. 16 yrs old and in his past he self harmed does not make a mental case, he passed this time I believe not due to lesser standards or crap MD but because he's had a couple of years growing up and (I presume) hasn't re offended.

    Would you say the same if a lad got nicked shoplifting in his early teens, got an ear bashing and hasn't done it again, is he always a thief and not to be trusted ?
  15. fair point, im bored haha. just trying to show him wat he is in for. grips me when i hear lads taht age say"i want to join the army and kill!" . sometimes they need an eye opener. see your point though. if he has the gonads then he will prove me and other doubters wrong which hopefully he will do then good luck to him.